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NHS Education for Scotland

A skilled and sustainable workforce for a healthier Scotland

NMAHP development showcase

NMAHP: It's all about Education for Scotland's Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, Chaplains and Clinical Healthcare Support Workers.

2003 – Cleanliness Champions Programme

This is a programme providing national educational resources to support health and social care staff working in acute, community, care home/residential housing and care at home services in Scotland including: Infection Prevention and Control, Decontamination of Re-usable Medical Devices and Antimicrobial Prescribing Management and Stewardship.

Infection prevention and control on the NES website 

2004 – Practice Education Facilitators network

The Practice Education Facilitators are a national network of nursing and midwifery registrants that support learning in practice by working with staff within the practice learning environments.

Practice education facilitators on the NES website

2006 – Flying Start NHS®

Flying Start NHS is the national development programme for all newly qualified nurses, midwives, and allied health professionals in Scotland, to be undertaken in the first year of practice.

Flying Start NHS® on Turas Learn

2007 – Allied Health Professions Practice Education Programme

The AHP Practice Education Programme develops resources and networks, enhancing the quality and range of practice-based learning for AHP practice educators, pre-registration students and other learners, helping them to provide safe, effective, person-centred quality care

AHP practice education on the NES website

2007 – Early Clinical Career Fellowships

The Early Clinical Career Fellowships (ECCF) supported talented nurses and midwives at an early stage in their career in order to maximise their future leadership potential.

ECCF Evaluation report (DOCX)

2009 – Allied Health Professions Careers Fellowships

The AHP Careers Fellowship scheme supports career development for the AHP workforce in the public health and social care sector in Scotland by funding AHP staff to participate in a NES-delivered learning programme delivered by NES, and lead and deliver a work-based project over 10- 12 months to improve, change or develop AHP services.

AHP careers fellowship scheme on the NES website

2010 – Care Home Education Facilitators

The Care Home Education Facilitators are a national network of registered nurses that support learning in practice by working with staff within care home practice learning environments, primarily for older adults.

Care home education facilitators on the NES website

2011 – Values-Based Reflective Practice

VBRP® is a model to help staff working in health and social care deliver the care they came into the service to provide. The principles of reflective practice enable practitioners to understand and recognise their personal and professional value which helps support them to deliver safe, effective and person-centred care. 

Values based reflective practice (VBRP®) on Turas Learn

2011 – NES Practice Educator National Network

NES’s nursing and midwifery practice educators are hosted in the 14 territorial health boards and aim to support the delivery of safe, effective and person-centred care, ensuring the best outcomes for patients through supporting nursing and midwifery practitioner colleagues in their professional learning and development.

Nursing and midwifery practice educators on the NES website 

2011 – Effective Practitioner

The Effective Practitioner web resource has been created to meet the needs of nurses, midwives or allied health professionals to help them achieve the best in their work by identifying gaps in knowledge and directing them to resources to meet their learning needs.

Effective practitioner website

2011 – Dementia Champions programme

This programme prepares professionals to be leaders of change when working with people with dementia being cared for primarily in acute hospitals. As an inter-professional programme, Champions come from diverse professional groups nursing, allied and paramedical groups, social work, chaplains, pharmacists, radiographers and dentists. 


2013 – Family Nurse Partnership education programme

The FNP education programme provides education and coaching for family nurses and supervisors. This learning and education contribute to effective, efficient and safe delivery of the FNP programme within Scotland and supports decisions within the education model.

FNP Scotland education strategy on Turas Learn

2014 – Dementia Specialist Improvement Leads programme

The DSIL programme invests in and develops specialist care for people living with dementia, their families and carers who receive support and treatment from NHS mental health services and care homes. Initially targeted at mental health nurses, the programme was broadened to include a range of staff from health and social care.

Driving improvements in specialist dementia care (PDF)

2014 – NMAHP Digital Health and Care Leadership Programme

The Digital Health and Care Leadership Programme - previously NMAHP Digital Health and Care Leadership Programme - supports ambitious and experienced health and care professionals to influence digital health and care in their organisations.

Digital Health and Care Leadership Programme (DLP) on Turas Learn

2014 – Quality Management of the Practice Learning Environment

QMPLE is a web resource used by all universities and practice learning environments across Scotland to provides access to and reporting of data relating to the quality of nursing and midwifery practice learning experiences.

Quality management of the practice learning environment on the NES website 

2017-2018 - The Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Package (SIPCEP)

This package provides a national approach to infection prevention and control. The Foundation Layer of the pathway consists of 15 e-learning modules and other resources covering mainly Standard Infection Control Precautions. 

SIPCEP Foundation Layer on Turas Learn

2018 – Nurse Endoscopy

NMAHP supports the opportunity for candidates to apply for a place on Scotland’s nurse endoscopy programme.

Nurse Endoscopy: application on Turas Learn

2019 – Operating Department Practice programme

NMAHP led the ODP programme commissioning on behalf of territorial health boards across Scotland. The management of the service-led approach is undertaken by regional leads (west, south-east and north regions) appointed by health boards.

Operating Department Practice (ODP) education on Turas Learn

2020 – Healthcare Support Worker Professional Portfolio

Development of a Turas Professional Portfolio (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available to all support workers as an individual educational Portfolio to record evidence of their learning.

Professional portfolio on Turas Learn

2020 – NMAHP Perioperative Career & Development Frameworks

These frameworks provide an infrastructure to support career development and educational needs of nursing, midwifery and health professions working across perioperative environments.

Perioperative Career Framework and Education Framework on Turas Learn

2020/2021 - Allied Health Professions webinar series

In the context of COVID-19, NMAHP ran a series of short webinar sessions focused on specific aspects of practice, use of technology, ways of working – including the use of Near Me - and other key topics identified by AHPs.

AHP webinar series on Turas Learn

2020/2021 – Promoting Effective Immunisation in Practice (PEIP) programme

This programme has been developed to support registered health care practitioners whose remit includes immunisation, whether advice giving or administration.

Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice (PEIP) on Turas Learn (NB: requires TURAS log in)

2020/2021 – Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice (PEIP): Healthcare support workers (HCSWs) programme

This programme has been developed for Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) on Level 3 or 4 of the NHS Career Framework who work as part of a team delivering specific vaccinations as part of the Scottish Immunisation Programme.

Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice (PEIP) : Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW) on Turas Learn

2022 – Medical Associate Professions

NMAHP is leading the progression of the current Scottish Government Commission regarding MAPs.

NES Medical Associate Professions (MAPs) on Turas Learn

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August, 18 2022