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FTY training providers

Information for FTY Training Providers

Training Provider Information Statements (TPIS) provide an opportunity for Training Providers to publish information on the NES website regarding their organisation, including contact details for arranging visits and work placements. The statement is intended to help candidates identify their preferences for Training Provider. The Pharmacy Recruitment Team have reviewed the Training Provider Information Statements and these have been published on the public NES TPI site, they will also be available on Oriel once the vacancy goes live on the 1st June 2022.

Training Providers taking part in this year’s recruitment process have two options:

Option A – to submit a preference list of candidates they would be willing to employ and work with over the training period


Option B – not submit a preference list of candidates.

Prior to making a decision, we advise all Training Providers to read the Foundation Training Year Recruitment Training Provider Handbook.

Please see the table below for the 2022 Recruitment dates.

Recruitment Activity   


What Training Providers need to do   

Expressions of interest to take part in the recruitment process and completion of Training Provider Information Statements   


February to March 2022   

Expression of Interest Deadline - 1st March 2022 (12pm)   

Submission of TPIS Deadline - 29th March 2022 at (12pm) 


Training Providers need to confirm if they wish to be included in the 2022 recruitment process and complete a Training Provider Information Statement via TPI. Late submissions will not be accepted.  Training Providers, new and existing, will need to sign a copy of the Educational Agreement or Service Level Agreement.   


Once you have submitted your expression of interest, the Pharmacy Recruitment team will contact you to confirm your registration and to advise you can start completing your TPIS.   


Training Provider Information Statements Published on TPI Site  

 14 April 2022  


Visitation Period   

14 April 2022 to 13 October 2022   

Once Training Provider Information Statements are published, applicants will contact the Training Providers to discuss training opportunities, possible placements and how to get their name on a preference list if applicable. This is when you will be able to identify preferred candidates.   

Training Provider details published on Oriel   

1 June 2022  


Oriel applications opened   

8 June 2022 (12pm)


Oriel applications closed   

22 June 2022  (12pm)


Training Provider preferences open (for those submitting a list)   

14 July 2022  (12pm)  

If you choose to submit a preference list this year, preferencing opens in July and closes in October. No further names can be added to your list after the deadline.   

Candidate preferencing window opened 

27 July 2022 (12pm)


Invitation to SJT/numeracy selection centre opens   

 3 August 2022   


Invitation to SJT/numeracy selection centre closes   

17 August 2022   


SJT/Numeracy selection centre held   

26 September to 7 October 2022 


Training Provider preferences close   

13 October 2022 (12pm)

If you choose to submit a preference list this year, preferencing opens in July and closes in October. No further names can be added to your list after the deadline.   

Candidate preferencing closes   

26 October 2022 (12pm)


Unsuccessful candidates notified   

Early November 2022 


First iteration of offers made   

Early November 2022 


Hold deadline 

End of November 2022 


Offers upgrade deadline  

End of November  2022 


Candidate handover   

December 2022   

Matching outcomes will be released and you will be notified via TPI system of the names of your trainees. Copies of their application form and ID documents will be uploaded to your TPI account.   

Programme commences   

July/August 2023   


The FTY Training Provider Pre-employment checks guidance provides details of the different checks to be completed prior to your trainee(s) starting in post. 

Privacy and data protection

Full details of how NHS Education for Scotland manages personal data within Foundation Training Year recruitment can be found in the following PRPS recruitment privacy notice [PDF].

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For any queries regarding the Foundation Training Year Recruitment process, please email the Pharmacy Recruitment Team -

For general pharmacy queries relating to training premises approval or any queries not related to the recruitment process, please email the Pharmacy Team -

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