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Pharmacy leadership

The national pharmacy and medical strategies outline a commitment to further enhance the role of pharmacists and GPs with the delivery of integrated services as set out in the 2020 route map.

As part of the strategy, the development of clinical and professional leadership, with a focus on professionalism, is viewed key to the success of the strategy.

‘Great leadership skills are most helpful when navigating times of great ambiguity, uncertainty and challenge. All of which seem to be more and more present in our day-to-day working lives.’

Peter Homa, of the NHS Leadership Academy

Foundation Level Courses

A taste of leadership (TOL)

This course introduces 'early careers' pharmacy professionals to aspects of leadership theory. Emotional Intelligence, working within a team and developing personal awareness are all covered in this one day course. Participants are expected to undertake a small amount of preparation prior to attending the course.

The target audience for this is:

  • those in early career
  • those with little or no previous leadership development
  • change in sector

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Develop self, others and service (SOS)

This one day course ideally undertaken after a taste of leadership provides staff early in their career with a focus on  the team as opposed to the individual. Topics of team development, role clarity within a team, the team as part of the organisation, working across the healthcare team and developing and improving services are covered.

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Advanced Level Courses

The NES pharmacy advanced leadership course, 'Delivering the Vision' 

The course will help you make sense of what leadership is, what the different approaches are and how you can apply this leadership theory in your day-to-day practice.

The target audience for this is: 

  • experienced pharmacists
  • experienced pharmacy technicians
  • GPs

This will be available on Portal and Turas Learn

The leadership pathway

The NES pharmacy leadership pathway [PDF] will help you decide which course you wish to attend, based on your leadership development.

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Last updated: Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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