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Dental vocational (foundation) training

Dental Vocational Training (DVT)

Trainee Recruitment

Dental Vocational Training  (DVT), also known as Vocational Training (VT), is organised and administered on a Scotland-wide basis by NHS Education for Scotland (NES). The main components of DVT include: a centralised recruitment process and a standardised training programme designed to help recently qualified dentists make the transition from undergraduate teaching to independent practice.

The DVT Curriculum Competency Framework is organised into four ‘Domains’ of competency, each of which contain a number of ‘Major Competency’ areas within which the individual competency statements are described. An overview of the Domains and Major Competencies within the DVT Competency Framework can be reviewed by clicking on the link below.

VT Curriculum and Competencies Document

Recruitment to Training Year 2022/23 commences in September 2021. Applications open on Oriel on 15th September 2021 and close on 12th October 2021. To apply, please click here.

Recruitment timeline for DVT trainees is available here.

For further information please refer to the following documents for posts commencing August 2022: 

DVT Information Booklet

DVT Person Spec

NES 2022-2023 DVT Applicant Guide

DVT Structured Reference Form 2022-2023

PDS and GDP training information

Therapist Vocational Training (TVT)

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) will not be offering Dental Therapy training for 2022/23.


Trainer Recruitment

The DVT trainer application window is 18th October 2021 to 13th December 2021 (new trainers) or 28th January 2022 (existing trainers).

Recruitment timeline for trainers is available here.

If you are interested in becoming a  Dental Vocational Trainer please click on the links below to review our guidance booklet and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Becoming a Vocational Trainer in Scotland

Becoming a Trainer FAQs

Contact us

Recruitment Enquiries

For trainee and trainer recruitment queries, or if you have any feedback, comments, concerns or complaints regarding the Dental Recruitment process, please contact us here or email

Training Specific Enquiries

In relation to training specific enquiries please contact the VT Hub at

Vocational Training in Scotland 2022/23 - Webinar


Last updated: Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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