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AHP professional portfolio

Turas AHP professional portfolio – a great way to save and use evidence of your professional development for appraisal, career development and HCPC audit.

Reasons to use AHP professional portfolio

  • Get feedback from others on your practice
  • Easily record your continued personal development and reflections
  • Upload documents that you want to keep e.g. presentations, reports and multimedia files
  • Share your evidence with your manger, clinical supervisor or appraiser easily with an electronic link
  • Can be accessed with an internet connection from your laptop, tablet or mobile
  • The portfolio belongs to you so you have full control of what you share and when you share it

Its free, its yours and it makes recording learning easy...... so register now!


select the professional portfolio option once registered and signed in

How do I register for an AHP professional portfolio?

For all Allied Health Professionals in SCOTLAND, including the NHS, Social Care, Education, Voluntary and Independent Sectors you can register today. Self Registration for AHPs in Scotland (including pre-registration students) on Turas Professional Portfolio.

For Student AHPs in Scotland provided this is supported by their programme lead access the Turas AHP Professional Portfolio.

Helpful guides

Why not do the Professional Portfolio 10 point challenge [PDF]

Watch these 3 short recorded presentations to help you get started with your portfolio

Getting started with the profile section

Getting started with the profile section on Vimeo

Generating evidence

Generating evidence on Vimeo

Creating a sharepack

Creating a sharepack on Vimeo

Last updated: 27/09/2020

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