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NHS Education for Scotland

A skilled and sustainable workforce for a healthier Scotland

Healthcare science disciplines and sub-disciplines

NHS Scotland's healthcare science workforce spans three divisions, which cover approximately fifty specialties. 

  • Life sciences (the laboratory services...)
  • Clinical physiology (e.g. audiology or cardiac physiology...)
  • Physical sciences (e.g. medical physics-bioengineering or clinical photography)

Our quick guide to healthcare science describes these in more detail.

Life Sciences

In Healthcare Science, this covers the laboratory services that provide diagnostics across a wide range of scientific disciplines. Delivery of these services is by HCPC regulated Biomedical Scientists and Clinical Scientists, and by support staff.

Physical Sciences

In Healthcare Science, this covers Medical Physics and Bioengineering disciplines, and also Clinical Photography and Maxillofacial-Prosthetics services. Delivery of these services is by HCPC regulated Clinical Scientists, and by other key groups including Clinical Technologists and support staff.

Clinical Physiology

In Healthcare Science, this covers services characterised by close interaction with patients such as Audiology, Cardiac Physiology, Respiratory-Sleep Physiology, Neurophysiology or Perfusion.  Delivery of these services is mainly by Clinical Physiologists and support staff

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Further information about training arrangements is on our TURAS Learn page

Last updated: 24/09/2020

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