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Staff Wellbeing Resources

Staff Wellbeing Resources

Staff Wellbeing Resources

As the country copes with another national lockdown and a second wave of COVID-19, we are all experiencing additional pressures.  That is why it is important (if not more so) to pay attention to our own and others’ wellbeing.

We have shown remarkable resilience over the last 10 months and have pulled together.  Yet, we should not underestimate the cumulative impact of the past year.  This, combined with the impact of lockdown measures on our usual ways of coping, means that more than ever we need to apply our emotional PPE.

There are a number of resources available to support staff wellbeing and encourage self-care for use by individuals or within peer groups to support each other.

Go to the Sway to access resources that include:

  • animations
  • eModules
  • key websites
  • specific sources of support

Please share these resources widely.  Don’t run on empty – help and support is out there.

February, 11 2021