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Access Quality Improvement (QI) programme: launch of cohort one

Access Quality Improvement (QI) programme: launch of cohort one

Access Quality Improvement (QI) programme: launch of cohort one

Cohort one of the Access QI programme launched in May. Access QI is designed to help NHS Boards pull together the skills needed to make sustainable and positive changes to waiting times.

Recruitment to cohort two is now open and closes on 30 June.

About the programme 

The Access QI programme, which is a collaboration between Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) and NES, brings together a core team, a data analyst and quality improvement (QI) coach - to focus on improving a care pathway. 

The approach

The team works together to:

  • work on an identified pathway
  • identify improvement opportunities
  • plan and undertake improvement work to deliver sustainable, positive changes in patient outcomes 

NES support

NES is delivering three educational programmes at the same time: 

  1. Access QI Core Programme (for members of the clinical team) 
  2. Analysts Programme (for the data analyst) 
  3. QI Coaching Programme (for the QI adviser) 


Four themes run through all of the programmes: 

  1. System Flow: achieving effective and efficient patient flow through a combination of theory and practical tools
  2. Quality Improvement: using quality improvement theories and tools to support teams to achieve system flow 
  3. Project Management: supporting the delivery of improvement programmes by using project management theories and tools 
  4. Team Development: enabling effective team working by applying team development theories and tools 

Cohort two will start in August 2021 and NHS Boards will be invited to apply for places. 

More information

Apply to cohort two of Access QI programme

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS)

June, 23 2021