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Publication of specialist framework for Major Trauma NMAHP practitioners

Publication of specialist framework for Major Trauma NMAHP practitioners

Publication of specialist framework for Major Trauma NMAHP practitioners

The Scottish Trauma Network (STN) are pleased to announce the publication of the Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions (NMAHP) Development Framework for Major Trauma.

The NMAHP Development Framework for Major Trauma will be used by NMAHP practitioners caring for major trauma patients in any in-hospital setting at local, regional and national levels for identifying, planning and supporting learning needs, identifying career pathways and enhancing workforce planning. It is aligned to and includes the content from the already published NES NMAHP Development Framework.

The framework is currently for registered practitioners at education levels 5-8 with the Healthcare Support Worker element levels 2-4 following later in the year, in conjunction with the national HCSW commission.  Work has now commenced to design an education framework that outlines the learning opportunities available to NMAHP practitioners working in major trauma across all education levels.

This work began in 2021 after a Senior Educator, Laura Stewart, was recruited into the STN which is a collaborative post with the NMAHP Directorate of NES. The STN Education and Workforce group, chaired by Dr Adam Hill,NES, were consulted at each stage of the framework development.

The group helped to recruit Band 2-8 practitioners from a mix of NMAHP professions who work in major trauma to be part of 3 focus groups. These groups informed the major trauma specific content of the framework.  Engagement with clinical practice was essential for the authenticity and embedding of the framework into practice.

The quotes below illustrate what practitioners wanted from a development framework specifically for major trauma.

“….understanding the patient journey and what happened before they arrived in our department”
“….appreciating the challenges of other practitioners involved in major trauma cases”
“….finding common learning needs across NMAHP professions and settings”

Work around the relationship between major trauma and psychological trauma took place and signposting to the National Trauma Training programme was integrated into the framework. This will enhance the learning experience and encourage the spread of trauma informed practice.  Dr Sandra Ferguson, Associate Director of NES Psychology supported the work.

There is already interest from local major trauma teams to test the framework by using it in a variety of education and workforce planning related projects. This will give the opportunity to evaluate and collect and report impact data.

A communications plan is in place to promote the framework through the STN, NSS and NES infrastructures, social media, SEND, AHPDG, CNO and CAHPO. It has been showcased at the NES Peri-operative event 2021, and the NES Education Conference 2022 and workshops will run at the forthcoming North of Scotland Trauma Network event and the STN conference later this year.

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July, 28 2022