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Bereavement-Related Educational Resources and Events

Bereavement-Related Educational Resources and Events

Bereavement-Related Educational Resources and Events

Bereavement webinar series 2022

The first 2 webinars of the series are available to view on the SAD website.

‘Supporting primary care teams to talk and be with people who are bereaved or experiencing living grief’

The first instalment of the series addresses how to talk and be with people who are experiencing bereavement or 'living grief', considering the sense of loss that may follow knowing or caring for someone with a long-term or degenerative condition.

‘The Compassionate Space in Bereavement Support’

This webinar considers the dimension of compassion in bereavement support. Looking at the outward and inward flow of compassion in relationships, it will explore some helpful ways of navigating the space between supporting others and supporting ourselves in the process.

The SAD website also hosts recordings and resources from other previous NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Bereavement webinars.

Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD)

The Grief & Bereavement team continue to work with the Death Certification Review Service to develop a range of educational materials and learning events to support doctors certifying death.

These include:

Completion of the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death’ webinar

To watch the recording of the session and view the slides, please visit the SAD website.

Does COVID-19 constitute a hazard in the deceased person?

New guidance produced by the Death Certification Review Service aimed at doctors involved in certifying death is now available. This covers whether COVID-19 constitutes a hazard in a deceased person when completing the MCCD. View it here.

Documenting Antimicrobial Resistance

A new advice document for doctors involved in certifying death is in development – this will provide guidance on how to complete the MCCD with regard to antimicrobial resistance.

NES Bereavement Conferences

The Changing Face of Bereavement: Providing care and maintaining our own wellbeing during the pandemic

Session recordings from the NES Bereavement conference held in November 2021 are available on the SAD website’s 2021 conference webpage so that health and social care professionals can revisit or catch up on anything they may have missed. Presentation slides posters are also available to view.

2022 NES Bereavement Education Conference: Thursday 24 November – SAVE THE DATE!

We are delighted to confirm the date for the 2022 virtual Bereavement conference. Keep an eye on our upcoming events page for more information on the speakers, programme and registration details will follow over the coming months.

Bereavement Quarterly e-Newsletter

The Autumn issue of the NES Bereavement quarterly e-Newsletter was issued in late 2021.

To be kept updated about future conferences and webinars in addition to new educational resources, please sign up here.


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