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Mouth Matters Educational Event in HMP Edinburgh - 26 September 2018


Bringing prisons, criminal justice, health and oral health together to make change happen.

On 26 September, NES, together with HMP Edinburgh and Homeless Action Scotland will be hosting an educational event about oral health. It will feature the ‘Mouth Matters’ resource which was designed to help prison staff, health professionals and support workers the specific oral health needs of people living in prisons.

Mouth Matters is an evidence-informed oral health resource. It is based around research conducted by Dundee University and was compiled under expert guidance. Its overall purpose is to raise awareness of the key oral health risk factors and provide core motivational interviewing skills that can be used to support an oral health brief intervention tailored to the needs of people living in prison. The Mouth Matters steering group, which meets quarterly, and is hosted and chaired by NES, keeps the resource on the radar and moves forward with work taking place across the country.

Oral health is often thought as an ‘add on’ to health matters, yet, as described throughout the research, it is a huge part of both someone’s health and well-being, but also plays as crucial part to a person’s confidence and mental health.

The educational event will have a strong focus on smoke free prisons, mouth cancer awareness, the work of the national prisoner healthcare network, research on mouth matters and having a positive prison experience. There will also be a variety of world café events in the afternoon, topics will include: fear trauma, stigma, depression pain and suffering, smoking cessation, throughcare support, getting set up with a dentist on release and choices around dental treatment.

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