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Leadership Links Autumn Webinars


Want to develop your leadership skills and share learning with colleagues and experts?

Leadership Links provides bite-sized learning opportunities for leaders and managers at all levels: 

  • Live and recorded web-based learning events in a wide range of leadership areas;
  • Face-to-face events to deepen the learning, and to support networking with colleagues and partners across Scotland.

During 2018-19 the focus is on the Health and Care Leadership capabilities: “Collaboration & Influencing” and “Creativity & Innovation”.

Register at Turas Learn to access Leadership Links at the Leadership and Management Zone. 

Leadership Links Autumn 2018 Webinars:

15 August 2018 “Collaboration in Action” with Kirsty Leishman

How do you experience collaboration? Do you see yourself as a collaborator? Would others?

We suggest collaboration starts with ourselves and is rooted in our capacity to relate well. This webinar builds on the proposition that by better ‘seeing’ ourselves in action we can become more attuned to strengthening mutual, working relationships.   In this way we may both enable and inhibit effective collaboration with our own attitude and actions. This webinar introduces ideas for consideration such as:  

  • Mobilising our personal authority, presence and impact 
  • Balancing advocacy with inquiry
  • Utilising personal power as a route towards mutual, collaborative action.

26 September 2018 “The Practice of Transformative Innovation” with Graham Leicester

This session will explore the theory and practice of Transformative Innovation in health and social care.  It is about deliberately shifting systems over time towards new patterns of viability, fit for a changing world and in tune with our aspirations for the future.

We will explore the Three Horizons framework and how to use it to read the landscape of change;Find out how to identify and work with the inevitable dilemmas faced in the transition from our existing system towards new patterns of activity better suited to the future;and based on the central insight that ‘projects do not change systems’, we outline the scaling process of moving from project to pattern over time for sustainable change. 

You will leave the session with fresh insight into the need for change and a set of tools and frameworks to help you to read the landscape of change in your own setting and to design your own promising initiatives.  

2nd October 2018 “Change by Design: Leading through creativity and innovation” with Hazel White and Mike Press

How can healthcare professionals release their creativity and become innovators improving outcomes for people they provide care for? The answer requires a significant cultural shift - embracing change and risk taking, developing new competencies as creative change-makers, and engaging communities to create better healthcare solutions with them, not just for them.   

Design thinking is an approach and methodology used across a wide range of organisations to ensure that people’s needs are the driving force of innovation, and that creative mindsets allow those organisations to be flexible, adaptable and focused on future opportunities. 

This webinar will introduce you to the key concepts of design thinking and show practical examples of how it has been applied in health and social care. Using a number of examples, we will show how design-led strategies of change link to effective leadership, engaged professional communities and enhanced capacity for innovation.  

Save the date -  7 November 2018

The 2nd Leadership Links Annual Networking Event will take place in Edinburgh on 7 November 2018. In addition to providing a great opportunity to network with colleagues and partners, you will have an opportunity to gain further understanding and explore practical approaches on themes introduced in the webinars. More information on this soon. 

For more information and to Register: Links- Upcoming Events.

Want to stay informed? Receive information about upcoming events, and join the discussion at People Connect “leadership_links” group.