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Leadership Exchange


What would it feel like to walk in the shoes of another?

The Leadership Exchange Programme is a free initiative that pairs leaders from across sectors to improve leadership capacity between peers. The purpose is to provide a platform for cross-sector knowledge sharing where leaders can gain an insight into the different cultures, constraints and opportunities their counterparts work with.

How Leadership Exchange works

There is a matching process to ensure a ‘good fit’ between applicants; taking into account the knowledge and experience offered and the desired outcomes of the exchange applicants. A Leadership Exchange then takes the form of flexible meetings where you and your partner take turns to work alongside each other in your organisations. The length and format of the activities are non prescriptive co-ordinated by the participants to suit their own learning objectives and fit around diary commitments.

Leadership Exchange has a twice yearly cohort approach.

2019 Spring Cohort - Application deadline 8 March 2019 

2019 Autumn Cohort – Application deadline 4 October 2019

If you would like to participate in the Programme please complete the form online. On submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and soon after the Programme Co-ordinator will be in touch regarding a potential exchange match.

For more information on the programme, including submission process visit:

Or you can contact Eleanor Humphreys in NES at for more information.