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Educational Development

Safe Information Handling


Safe Information Handling is a foundation level learning resource for all NHSScotland staff, designed to support clinicians, managers, administrators, support staff and others in understanding requirements for data sharing and confidentiality.  The short module provides simple information about basic principles of data protection, guidance on good practice and sources of advice and further information.  All learners are offered a pre-module assessment, which will exempt them from the module if they achieve the required pass standard.
Safe Information Handling is accompanied by an intermediate module Information Handling in Practice for staff with more in-depth learning needs in this area of practice.

Registration and Access

This course is provided to NHS Health Boards through learnPro and other learning management systems.  Further information about registration and access can be found at our learnPro information page.

Target Audience

Training on data protection and confidentiality is mandatory for all NHSScotland staff.  Safe Information Handling and its companion module, Information Handling in Practice provide mandatory training options for health and social care staff and employers seeking training solutions in this area.  The module includes content about health records and patient confidentiality, but emphasises the need for good information governance in all areas of the service including finance, human resources and other non-clinical departments.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the learner should be able to:

  • identify the different types and formats of sensitive and confidential data
  • explain the risks associated with poor practice
  • explain how to ensure that information is protected
  • identify roles and responsibilities for safe information handling

Staff should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of how to hold, obtain, record, use and share information safely and effectively including:

  • Obtaining the right information (data quality)
  • Keeping information in the right place (keeping information safe/confidential)
  • Sharing/using information at the right time (effective information sharing) with the right people

Staff will be aware of valid sources of advice and guidance on the safe handling of information.

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