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Dermatology Pocket Guide Common Skin Conditions Explained

The Dermatology Pocket Guide: Common Skin Conditions Explained

The Aim of the Pocket Guide

The aim of this pocket guide is to assist the clinician in managing most of the common dermatological conditions they are likely to encounter in their clinical practice.

Who is the Pocket Guide For?

This pocket guide can be used by any clinician who wishes to develop their knowledge of common skin conditions.  It has been specifically written for nurse practitioners, specialist nurses, physicians or any other clinicians who undertake structured histories using advanced decision making skills.

How will it help?

It will aid diagnosis - recognising diffential diagnosis, formulating prescriptions ans assisting in identifying referral pathways if necessary.

How is the pocket guide structured?

The pocket guide is divided into three parts.

Part 1 starts with a review of the structure and functions of the skin, then takes the practioner through history taking and describing the characteristics of the presenting skin condition.

Part 2 provides information on the more common skin conditions, including clinical images, diagnosis and suggested treatment.  There is also advice on practical aspects of copying with the presenting condition for the patient, parent or carer.  Finally, there is guidance on when specialist referral is indicated.

Part 3 provides practical advice on emollient and steroid therapy, a glossary of terms, useful websites and a list of reference books for further reading.