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Immunisation Programme an update 19/20 

Topics covered include seasonal flu, shingles and HPV as well as a general summary. This short video last approximately 10 minutes.

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Dr Claire Cameron of Health Protection Scotland provides an overview of the immunisation programme for 19/20.

Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice

Information for the Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice e-Learning resource can still be found here.

Storage and Handling of Vaccines

PEIP Storage And Handling

An important feature of the vaccine service is the appropriate storage and handling of vaccines. As such we have a module on this that forms part of the Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice resource. To allow colleagues involved in immunisation to refresh their knowledge and skills specifically in relation to the storage and handling of vaccines we have made this module available as a stand-alone resource. Colleagues new to or returning following an absence from immunisation practice should consider registering for the full resource, which can be found on Turas Learn.

Immunisation Training Webinar

This webinar aims to highlight the knowledge and skills pathway for immunisers in Scotland and signposts to existing learning resources.  It explains the learning pathway to being an immuniser including how competence can be assessed and how immunisers can maintain their clinical currency.

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Aditional resources:

Improving confidence in Vaccine information can be found here