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Authorisation of PGDs

All PGDs require ultimate approval by the Health Board before they can be authorised for use. It is recommended that the development team develop link with the PGD authorisation group within the Health Board area. This communication link will provide a degree of support through the process of submitting a PGD for approval and authorisation. The authorising group is usually linked to the local Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee (ADTC). This group will ensure that the risks/benefits
are considered and whether on balance the PGD should be used. It will further ensure that there are no omissions in the PGD, the clinical information is accurate and that the correct groups of staff will use the PGD.

It is important to note that while a GP and healthcare professionals can write a PGD within that GP practice, it cannot be authorised for use until approved by the Health Board.

It should be noted that following the expiry date of a PGD a further authorisation process will be required to set a new expiry date. Practitioners will require to resign this new PGD.

Note here who the contacts for PGD authorisation processes are within your local Health Board