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Healthcare Associated Infections

Strengthening our Defences

Promoting and maintaining a healthcare culture in which patient safety related to infection prevention and control is of the highest importance.

This resource is part of the intermediate layer of the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway. Further information about the pathway is available on the pathway webpage.


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Two national conferences were hosted by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in April 2015 with the aim of raising awareness of infection prevention and control among acute and non-acute frontline staff across health and social care.  Over 750 delegates attended the events with a great mix of professions and roles, providing opportunities for health and social care staff to network and learn with and from each other.  Take a look at the photo gallery from the events and see the highlights on NES Flickr.

Resource Pack

NES are committed to sharing the learning from the events and have developed a resource pack for use locally in practice.

The resource pack is organised into three sections: Engage, Inform and Interact following the event themes. It includes Helen's Story, questions, activities and reflective exercises which you can adapt and incorporate into your local training. There are also tools and templates to help you to plan actions to improve infection control practice in your local area.

Download the resource pack and start using this locally within your education and training provision.

Strengthening our Defences HAI Learning Resource Pack (pdf)

Strengthening our Defences HAI Learning Resource Pack (doc)


We would love to hear your views about the Strengthening our Defences resource pack and how you are using this locally in practice.  Please take the time to complete the short feedback form - your views help us to improve the resources we provide. 

Helen's Story

How do you make HAI meaningful to all health and social care staff in the context of their role and environment?   You make it person-centred and focus on their experience and that’s exactly what we did with Helen’s Story.  The video can be viewed below and also via a link within the resource pack. 

Watch the Video


Thoughts from delegates

 "I was so aware of my practice on return to work and feel I have improved, as a result of Helen’s story"

"All healthcare staff in Scotland should hear Helen's Story. Powerful and humbling stuff."

"Great learning opportunity. Definitely shape my future thinking"

"I feel more confident in sharing my knowledge regarding HAI and far more aware of the human cost which HAI's have. I think that helps hit home that infection prevention is everyone's business, not just the Infection Prevention Control Teams"

"The real impact of HAI on patients. Helen's story, very powerful and thought provoking"


Resource launched June 2015