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Healthcare Associated Infections

Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Infection: Domestic Services Training Guide

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in partnership with Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) have developed a DVD providing education and training in infection prevention and control and cleaning of the healthcare environment.

These resource are part of the intermediate layer of the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway.  Further information about the pathway is available on the pathway webpage.


The Domestic Services workforce is a valued part of NHS and play crucial roles in the prevention and control of infection. They can help to make patients and their families feel confident that the healthcare environment is safe.

This DVD resource is suitable for the domestic services workforce working in the NHS acute and primary care settings. It provides up-to-date education and training in infection prevention and control and aligns with the Domestic Services Competency Workbook and Standard Infection Control Precautions (SIPCs). 

The DVD consists of:

  • three chapters with an overall  running time of 65 minutes
  • each chapter uses current national policy and features useful advice to help the learner maintain the highest standards in the prevention and control of HAI and in all cleaning tasks
  • the DVD is supported by assessment containing multiple choice questions and real life scenarios.  The learners are encouraged to work together to check their answers by going back and looking at the learning materials or working in groups. 

The resource supports the domestic service workforce learning styles and preferred delivery mode highlighted in the scoping work conducted during 2013. Further information at Impact and Evaluation webpage.

NB. This educational resource is only available to healthcare staff in NHSScotland.

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Resource launched 2014. Currently under review.