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Healthcare Associated Infections

Career and Development Framework for IPC Nurses

A framework has been developed to assist in benchmarking of existing roles and inform nurses in their career progression and development, while signposting supporting resources which may assist with educational practice needs.

This resource is part of the intermediate layer of the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway.  Further information about the pathway is available on the pathway webpage.



Infection Prevention and Control Nurses are responsible for the  surveillance, investigation and control of HAI and have a pivital role in preventing avoidable infections by providing colleagues, patients/clients and their families/carers with expertise, advice and support. 


Infection Prevention and Control nurses require to be knowledgeable, experienced, adaptable and innovative and this Career and Development Framework will help organisations, senior nurses and service leads identify the practice and competences required to provide safe, effective and person centred care. 


Education providers can use the framework to inform formal or work-based learning and workforce planners can use this as a resource to inform capacity building within the Infection Prevention and Control team. 

Career and Development Framework for Infection Prevention and Control Nurses (pdf)

Self-assessment tool

The self assessment tool is designed to be used with the Post Registration Career Development Framework or with your own specific professional framework, to help you to reflect on your current level of practice, identify areas where you are confident in your role and those where you may benefit from further education, training and development. Supporting evidence identified through this self-evaluation process can be included in your personal and professional portfolio e.g. Career Long ePortfolio, and included in your Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) development review process. Download the Self-assessment tool (pdf)

Free Smartphone App

To support the implementation of the Framework a free mobile app was developed. The mobile app format enables practitioners to keep a copy of the Framework 'in their pocket' and will be particularly beneficial for community based staff and those with limited access to a desktop PC.

iPhone app can be downloaded from Apple itunes at

Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store at


Following workshops held across NHS Scotland please find below the presentation which explains the context of the framework and how it is used.

Career and Development Framework for Infection Prevention and Control Nurses Workshop Presentation (pdf)

Workshops are still available to health boards. For further information please contact