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Healthcare Associated Infections

Breaking the Chain of Infection

Breaking the Chain of Infection is a DVD training resource featuring a dramatised scenario demonstrating infection prevention and control in practice.

This resource is part of the foundation layer of the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway.  Further information about the pathway is available on the pathway webpage.


Breaking the Chain of Infection DVD was developed around Standard Infection Control Precautions which are intended for use by all staff, in all care settings at all times for all individuals whether infection is known to be present or not, and features a dramatised scenario demonstrating infection prevention and control in practice. It may be viewed as a short, self directed exercise (taking around 15-20 min) or used as a teaching tool for small groups, promoting discussion around infection control issues.

You can view the videos for local use. Go to videos.

The DVD is freely available to NHS and non-NHS health and social care staff, and also Higher and Further Education institutions in Scotland. It will be useful for induction training or the consolidation of infection prevention and control knowledge in association with other learning such as the HAI Mandatory Induction Programme and Cleanliness Champions Programme.

The DVD has four sections: 

1.    Chain of Infection

This section describes the various links in the Chain and Standard Infection Control Precautions, showing real life examples.


2.    Specific Micro-Organisms

This section describes MRSA and Cdifficile (CDI) as examples of healthcare associated infections


3.    The Transmission of Infection

This section is a dramatised scenario that illustrates the potential spread of infection in a typical healthcare setting.


4.    Hand Hygiene

This section re-iterates the Standard Infection Control Precautions and demonstrates the most effective measures that healthcare workers can take to halt the spread of infection - good hand hygiene.


If you would like a copy of this DVD please send full details of your postal address and the number of copies you require to



Resource launched 2005, last reviewed/updated February 2017.