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Pathway - Support Materials

NHS Education for Scotland have devised a number of resources to support health boards and care sector organisations to implement the pathway locally and align with their education strategies and plans.   Supporting resources include:

SIPCEP Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

This quick reference guide gives an overview of the pathway, an outline of each pathway layer and information on how and where to access the pathway.

Guide for Learners and Line Managers/Course Leaders (pdf)

This guide gives an overview of the pathway and provides guidance for learners and line managers/course leaders on accessing and selecting learning resources.

Modules by staff group matrix document (pdf)

The matrix provides examples of the pathway foundation modules that NES recommend should be taken as a minimum by different staff groups. Please note this is NES guidance only.

Foundation layer pathway module learning outcomes (pdf)

To assist in personal development planning and mapping to mandatory education and training at a local level.

Letter from Chief Nursing Officer Directorate (June 2017)

Mapping document for the delivery the Cleanliess Champions Programme and Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway during the transition period.

Outline for learners of the Foundation layer set up on learnPro is available. Download the helpful tip sheet (pdf).

Guide to creating reports on different courses

The guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating reports on different courses that make up the SIPCEP foundation layer within learnPro.

Information for Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and Further Education Colleges (FECs) using SIPCEP

You will find information and support guides on the Pathway - University and College Information webpage.

Foundation layer modules – printable learning resources

The printable learning resources are based on each of the e-learning modules from the Foundation layer of the Pathway. The aim of the printable learning resources is to make the e-learning content available to learners who

  • do not have regular access to a computer and/or a network
  • do not yet have the necessary IT skills or confidence to complete e-learning
  • have different needs and therefore e-learning is not suitable for them.

The printable learning resources can either be uploaded as a PDF file to tablets or other digital devices without internet access or printed (printing in black and white is sufficient.)

Download the foundation layer modules from the links below:

Why Infection Prevention and Control Matters (pdf)

Breaking the Chain of Infection (pdf)

Patient Placement/Assessment for Infection Risk (pdf)

Hand Hygiene (pdf)

Respiratory and Cough Hygiene (pdf)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (pdf)

Safe Management of Care Equipment (pdf)

Safe Management of Care Environment (pdf)

Safe Management of Linen (pdf)

Safe Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spillages (pdf)

Safe Disposal of Waste (including sharps) (pdf)

Prevention and Management of Occupational Exposure (including sharps) (pdf)

Prevention and Control of Infection – Clostridium difficile (pdf)

Internet access will however still be required for the following:

  • Online assessment. The online version of this resource consists of the e-learning module and a separate online assessment, and staff should be enabled and encouraged to complete this online assessment locally.
  • Online feedback form and web links for additional resources. Staff should be enabled to use web links and complete the feedback form, if possible.