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Healthcare Associated Infections

Preventing and reducing risks in the workplace

The aim of this resource is to give you the skills and knowledge you need to help you prevent occupational risks in the workplace. There are 3 modules in this resource.

Module 1 is mandatory and you can only undertake other modules after you have completed it.   Modules 2-3 are not relevant to everyone. You can select which are most relevant to your role.

Module 1: Principles of health and safety
Module 2: Maintaining skin health at work
Module 3: Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

NB. You should complete the PPE and Hand Hygiene modules from the (SIPCEP Foundation Layer) before doing this module.

Target Audience

Modules 1-3 are ideal for all clinical and non-clinical staff new to healthcare.

The resource is also suitable for more experienced staff in any setting who want to refresh their knowledge or update skills.

Module 1: Principles of health and safety

In this mandatory module you will explore the main health and safety legal requirements that you must follow every day at work.  You do not need to know the exact content of the legislation, but you should be familiar with your role in working safely. The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • Identify your and your manager’s responsibilities to protect yourself from occupational hazards and risks at work
  • Take actions to prevent occupational hazards and risks at work.

Module 2: Maintaining skin health at work

In this module you will learn about work related dermatitis. Working through a scenario you will learn how to reduce dermatitis using the HSE Avoid, Protect, Check approach.  The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • Recognise work related dermatitis
  • Take action to maintain your skin health
  • Take action to report dermatitis

Module 3: Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

In this module you will learn what RPE is. You will also explore why and how you need to wear it. The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • Identify the difference between FFP3 masks and fluid resistant surgical face masks
  • Take actions to correctly put on and take off RPE.

Registration and Access

The modules are available on Turas Learn ( in the IPC Zone and within the intermediate layer of the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway (SIPCEP) and can be accessed by staff in NHS Grampian, university students and staff working across social care sector in Scotland.

We are unfortunately not able to add any new modules to learnPro NHS.  

We are working with colleagues in NES Digital on module sharing agreements and once these are in place we can provide modules to NHS health boards (not utilising Turas) to upload to a learning management platform of their choice.  

Further Information

Each module will take you 10 minutes to complete, depending which you choose.  On completion of the module you can print a "Statement of Completion".


Module launched November 2018