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Healthcare Associated Infections

Aseptic Technique and Injecting into Joint Cavities

This resource is part of the intermediate layer of the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway.

Complications associated with injecting into a sterile body cavity are rare, however the consequences of an infection of the joint can cause pain and suffering to the persons we care for, and is costly to the NHS. Providing a standardised approach to aseptic technique with clear indications of what is required, ensure the principles of asepsis are practiced during an invasive procedure. 

Key content

This animation explains the procedure for steroid injection using aseptic technique but does not deal with examination or the injection technique associated with various joint cavities. 

The animation scenario is based on ‘Michelle’ attending her local GP surgery for a steroid injection in her knee following a sport-related injury.  The animation follows the process from initial consultation to the actual procedure showcasing aseptic technique in practice.

Target audience

General practitioners, podiatrists, physiotherapists, rheumatologists and junior hospital doctors.

Aseptic Technique and Injecting into Joint Cavities from NES on Vimeo.

Duration:  6 minutes

Information regarding the aseptic technique programme can be found on the NES website.  

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 Launched April 2017