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Peer-Supported Learning

You can support the improvement of communication and human relationship skills by working with a trusted peer or colleague to develop (both) your skills.  This can be done using the opportunities that naturally arise in everyday practice, potentially in any situation where you can work with another practitioner whom you trust. 

A detailed guide to setting up peer-supported or paired learning is included in the Developing Others section of this website.  Your manager or supervisor could use this to support this kind of learning across the team or department.

If you are working with a colleague, bear in mind the following key points:

  • You should have an opportunity to choose how, when and with whom (both patients and colleagues) you will engage in peer review in discussion with your manager/team leader.
  • It is best if you and your colleague both have the chance to review each other's practice.
  • If you do not normally and cannot work in pairs, you could consider recording interactions (with full consent from patients)
  • Make sure you and your colleague are well-prepared.  It would be wise to sign up to some ground rules or guiding principles before you start so that there is a basis for discussion should any issues or difficulties arise.
  • You will need some time for preparation and feedback so you are not too rushed.  This is more important when you are new to the process.