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Supervision in Clinical Psychology

NES Psychology Directorate has a specific remit for supporting the delivery and quality assurance of a range of Applied Psychology training courses which run across Scotland.

These courses involve a considerable placement component where, working within NHS services, Clinical Psychology trainees develop the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills under the close supervision of an experienced practicing clinician.  The role of these Clinical Supervisors is therefore fundamental for both the development of the trainees and to ensure that clients receive an effective, person centred and safe experience when attending services.

In order to support supervisors in providing safe, effective and appropriate placement experiences for trainees, NES have developed a portfolio of CPD modules to meet the needs of this specific group of supervisors.  Collectively these modules will ensure that supervisors' skills are maintained and that they continue to deliver supervision which meets the needs of the services, the trainees and the Universities.

The graphic below illustrates the framework with the pathway for new supervisors of Clinical Psychology trainees highlighted in red.

extended framework image

New supervisors are expected to attend both the NES Training in Generic Supervision Competences For Psychological Therapies (GSC) and the Clinical Psychology Specialist Supervision Module for New Supervisors before taking on their first trainee.

Experienced supervisors (i.e. those who have already had a number of trainees) may find it useful to attend either or both of the above courses, however they are likely to have attended similar training in the past.  With this in mind NES have also developed a module which is more suited to their level of experience.  The Clinical Psychology 'Refresher' Module for Experienced Supervisors offers an update for those who have been providing supervision and familiarises them with the models and approaches which are being discussed with trainees and with new supervisors.

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