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Clinical Psychology Specialist Supervision Module for New Supervisors

Building on the fundamental skills, models and ideas of supervision delivered in the Generic Supervision Course, the Clinical Psychology Supervision Module was developed to support supervisors of Clinical Psychology Trainees to deliver these skills effectively within their professional context. In line with HPC/BPS accreditation of both the University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and the professional demands on the trainees, additional elements such as evaluation of professional competence, placement development, contracting within the educational placement are covered.

In developing this module there were a number of explicit aims.  One of the main objectives was to develop an integrated and developmental approach to supervision, which helps move the profession as a whole toward improved (and evidenced) quality training.  By the nature of Clinical Psychology training in Scotland, the majority of training and development that trainees experience occurs in placement.  Whereas theoretical knowledge is delivered in an academic setting, the consolidation and translation, of this knowledge into clinical skills occurs in a remote and structurally different placement setting.  Although there is significant interface between these setting, the latter is often predominantly viewed as a clinical rather than learning environment.   By bringing together the parties involved we have developed a curriculum that considers the experiences of the trainees and supervisors, while contributing to the development of both.

In line with NES' partnership approach, development has involved the relevant pre and post registration agencies with a view to creating a product which is cohesive, relevant and fit for purpose (for Boards, HEIs and participants) and ensures equity of access to quality supervision for trainees.  Ultimately the aim is to ensure quality of training, service and patient safety through the training period and beyond and this is achieved by supporting high quality, evidence based supervision which creates a positive, open and constructive learning environment.

The module is designed to be delivered in Health Boards by Local Area Tutors which allows discussion to be firmly anchored in local systems and polices.  Over a two day period, new supervisors will discuss:

  • Establishing and maintaining a placement
    • Power and the relationship
    • Placement ILOs
    • Placement experiences and expectations
    • Embedding the placement in the team
  • Observation and evaluation of competence
    • Observing trainees
    • Feeding back within an Experiential Learning Framework
    • Promoting and evaluating professional and ethical development
    • Dealing with difficulties
  • Promoting Reflection
    • Encouraging trainee reflection
    • Reflective supervision
  • Evaluating supervision
  • Supervisor's development

The module is generally experiential and reflective in nature.  A number of new multimedia resources have been developed to allow rehearsal of evaluation and feedback and to stimulate discussion around professional and ethical issues.