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Clinical Psychology "Refresher" Module for Experienced Supervisors

The Clinical Psychology "Refresher" Module for Experienced Supervisors has been developed for supervisors with more than five years experience who have already supervised Clinical Psychology trainees.

The module allows this experienced group of supervisors to update their knowledge and skills in line with current models and best practice and to promote a shared vocabulary between supervisors and trainees.  This is principally achieved through open dicsussion around key topics with similarly experienced colleagues.

This module has two components:

a)  An online module which summarises some of the key models and concepts which will be discussed in the face-to-face day.  Topics include:

  • A summary of adult learning models
  • A summary of key supervision models
  • Development of Intended Learning Outcomes

Completion of this module should take around two hours, although there is a range of suggested further reading with which participants may wish to engage.

b)  A one day face-to-face workshop which is predominantly discussion based.  Topics include:

  • Placement development
  • Contracting
  • Evaluation and dealing with difficult circumstances
  • Reflective practice