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The Matrix (2015) A Guide to Delivering Evidence-Based Psychological Therapies in Scotland

Matrix a Guide to Delivering Evidence-Based Psychological Therapies in Scotland

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The Psychological Therapies 'Matrix' project grew out of requests from NHS Boards for advice on commissioning Psychological Therapies in local areas to enable them to plan and provide the most effective available psychological treatments for their particular patient population. The Psychological Therapies 'Matrix' is a guide to planning and delivering evidence-based Psychological Therapies within NHS Boards in Scotland. It provides a summary of the information on the current evidence base for various therapeutic approaches, guidance on well functioning psychological therapies services, and advice on important governance issues.

The Psychological Therapies 'Matrix' has been produced to help NHS Boards:

  • Deliver the range, volume and quality of Psychological Therapy required to achieve  the HEAT Psychological Therapies Access Target.
  • Provide evidence-based psychological interventions in other key government priority areas;


  • Summarising the most up-to-date advice on evidence-based interventions;
  • Providing information and advice on strategic planning issues in the delivery of efficient and effective  Psychological Therapies services;
  • Explaining the levels of training and supervision necessary for staff to deliver Psychological Therapies safely and effectively; and
  • Describing the additional support available from Government in terms of related Mental Health initiatives - the Mental Health Quality and Efficiency Support Team (MH QuEST); the Information Services Division (ISD); and NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

As such, it aligns with the ambitions of the NHSScotland Healthcare Quality Strategy, by promoting the delivery of efficient and effective treatments, and by seeking to minimise wasteful and harmful variations in practice through the  clarification of training standards and supervision requirements. In addition it offers guidance on service structures and governance arrangements necessary to ensure patient safety.