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Supervision of Psychological Therapies

Supervision is increasingly being recognised as having a pivotal role in the effective and efficient delivery of Psychological Therapies and Interventions across all disciplines. While many clinicians appreciate the role of supervision as a support within the professional context, supervision also plays a key role in quality assurance, evaluation of competence and educational development.

For information on NES Training in Generic Supervision Competences for Psychological Therapies click here.

For information on NES Specialist Supervision Training (CBT) click here.

In line with NES's role of providing "quality education for a healthier Scotland" NES Psychology Directorate is developing a coherent and inclusive cross professional framework for the delivery of high quality supervision training to support the expansion in access to Psychological Therapies.  The scope of the framework is to provide supervision training to all appropriately qualified practitioners who, within their professional role, provide supervision to colleagues delivering Psychological Therapies.

The key to this framework has been the development of the "NES Training in Generic Supervision Competences for Psychological Therapies", often referred to as the GSC, which covers basic models of supervision, techniques in assessment and evaluation and educational principles.  This is complemented by a range of modality and profession specific modules which focus on the technical skills and/or professional context within which supervisors practice.

Framework Graphic

NES Psychology Directorate retains a commitment to continued quality improvement.  By drawing on local expertise and encouraging the sharing of current good practice, the Directorate continue to support the local development and delivery of continual professional development for more experienced supervisors across all professions.