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Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia

The ‘Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia: A Learning Resource for Staff’ is an educational resource which has been developed to improve health and social care staff’s knowledge regarding cognitive rehabilitation for people with a diagnosis of dementia. The main aim of this resource is to equip staff working at the ‘Enhanced’ and/or ‘Expertise’ Practice level, based on Promoting Excellence: A Framework for all Health and Social Services Staff Working with People with Dementia, their Families and Carers, with an understanding of how cognitive rehabilitation may help people with dementia. By doing this, staff will develop the skills required to support people in the early stages of dementia use cognitive rehabilitation strategies to meet their rehabilitation goals. Please see a link to the framework below:


  Promoting Excellence


The importance of implementing good practice in relation to supporting people with dementia remain as independent as possible cannot be overstated. Each educational resource is intended to facilitate the development of core skills related to supporting and implementing cognitive rehabilitation interventions.  

Our aim is to facilitate the development of core skills related to supporting and implementing cognitive rehabilitation interventions.  There are accompanying worksheets with this resource. We encourage you to use these worksheets alongside this resource as a means of facilitating the cognitive rehabilitation process with people with dementia and their relatives and/or carers. Follow links below to download the worksheets;

To complement the learning resource, a mobile application has been developed. To download the app, please use the following links;



The main aim of the mobile application is to complement the use of this educational resource and to bring cognitive rehabilitation strategies to the fore of clinician’s minds when working with a person who is in the early/mild stages of a dementia.

 Video clips have also been developed to aid the learning process:

 Who is this learning resource for?

The hard copy resource, the workshops and the mobile application can be used by health and social care staff working at the ‘Enhanced' and/or 'Expertise' Practice level within the Promoting Excellence Framework who are working directly with people with a diagnosis of dementia. It is important that staff using the resources have a prior knowledge of cognitive rehabilitation strategies.

It is hoped that by having these resources available to staff it will improve practice and bring consistency to the cognitive rehabilitation process. It must be stressed that cognitive rehabilitation strategies must only be used with people in the early stages of their dementia and a thorough assessment of their suitability must be completed.

Hard copies of this resource are available. If you would like to receive a copy, please email your request to Gene Batimana at: