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National Trauma Training Framework

Welcome to the webpage of the National Trauma Training Programme.



We are delighted to announce the launch of our new e-module “Developing your trauma skilled practice”. In line with the Trauma Skilled practice level of the Scottish Transforming Psychological Trauma Framework, this module is designed to

1. Increase learners’ understanding of traumatic events and the different ways that people can be affected by them and

2. Help learners recognise where the impact of trauma might influence their work with people affected by trauma

There are five learning units plus assessment, and the module is designed to take 1-2 hours to complete.


If you are registered with Turas Learn, Developing your trauma skilled practice can be accessed via:

It is simple and free to register an account with Turas Learn here:


Upcoming Events

Developing a Trauma Skilled Level Workforce-4th February 2020


Does your role involve supporting those who may have experienced trauma? Are you in Tayside area? Join us for the roll out of Transforming Psychological Trauma Skilled Level Training.

For more information and details on how to sign-up please click the flyer image below.

  Tayside - 4 Feb 2020


Just Launched: The Scottish Psychological Trauma Training Plan

Training Plan

The Scottish Psychological Trauma Training Plan is a companion document to Transforming Psychological Trauma Framework. It provides practical guidance for employers and organisations about the steps they can take to develop, commission and embed the use of high quality trauma training, and proposes organisational and leadership structures which are likely to support the development of a trauma-informed workforce.  It includes essential guidance and planning tools to support:

a) Workers, managers and organisations to identify their own trauma training needs with reference to the Trauma Framework

b) Service managers and commissioners to develop or commission training to address the needs of their organisations and workers

c) Training providers to develop and deliver high quality trauma training

d) An understanding of key principles to bear in mind in developing and commissioning trauma training

e) An understanding of organisational factors that will support and maintain the translation of training into practice.

This training plan is a key tool in developing a workforce that is trained to be able to recognise where people are affected by trauma and adversity, and to be capable of responding in ways that prevent further harm and which support recovery, and in ways which address inequalities and improve life chances.




NHS Education for Scotland has been commissioned to deliver this project as part of the Scottish Government Survivor Scotland Strategic Outcomes and Priorities.

Our vision is to achieve a trauma-informed and responsive nation and workforce, one that is capable of recognising where people are affected by trauma and adversity, that is able to respond in ways that prevent further harm and support recovery, and that can address inequalities and improve life chances"

You will find below links to the Transforming Psychological Trauma Knowledge and Skills Framework and (draft) Training Plan, as well as some of the resources that have been created to support their implementation nationally.

Key Contacts

Framework and Training Plan

Trauma Informed Resources: Opening Doors and Sowing Seeds Animations

Trauma Informed Organisations in Practice: Interviews with Scottish Leaders


Background and Definitions

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