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Health Psychology

What is health psychology?

Health psychologists are specialists in health behaviour change, adding value to existing programmes to improve health,  understanding the complexities of barriers to change and improving the design and effectiveness of  interventions to change health behaviour for individuals, social groups and communities. 

Click on the image below for a quick summary of the focus for health psychology work developed by the Division of Helath Psychology Scotland.DHP Image



Health Psychology in NHS Education for Scotland

Training for Psychologists: Health psychologists work in the Psychology Directorate at NES leading the only funded Stage 2 training in Health Psychology in the UK. 

Click here for more information on the NES Stage 2 Programme.


Training for healthcare professionals: Behaviour Change Skills Training – The MAP of Health Behaviour Change - Blended learning education programme.

MAP Of Health Behaviour Change   


In addition, the team continues to contribute to several projects to enhance physical health, psychological well-being, and increase patient safety.

Current projects:

Midwives Physical Activity                           MUS 

 Midwives' Physical Activity                             MUS

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Hand Hygiene 1Hand Hygiene 2

 Hand Hygiene in medical students

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Complete projects:

BASICS                             Human Factors 

BASICS                                                              Mental Health

                                                                              View Report