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Essential CAMHS

Essential CAMHS is an online learning resource which is designed for staff beginning to work in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services with limited or no previous experience in services.  Alongside providing knowledge and evidence the resource provides links to key articles and resources which will help introduce learners to some of the many lively debates that continue to abound in the world of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Our aim is to stimulate your interest in these debates and to develop a better understanding of the values which underpin effective work within a CAMH service. We also hope the activities will encourage you to reflect on your own attitudes, beliefs and work practices and how they might interact with the clients you will meet in your daily work.

We suggest that Essential CAMHS is best used within your existing supervisory arrangements. While reading and reflecting are effective means of gathering and even understanding the application of new information, the support and guidance of a more experienced clinician often provides a richer context for the learning as well as offering the opportunity to talk through many of the issues, dilemmas and debates you will undoubtedly experience. Studying the modules should be an agreed part of your personal development plan, where you can decide which modules and units you need to study.

Essential CAMHS has been used in a number of ways depending on availability, needs and resource. In some areas, learning has occured in groups, while in others it has been incorporated into clinical supervision. Whichever method is used, it is important to recognise that following the resource, engaging in the various discussions and sharing thoughts with your supervisor will take time. It is important, therefore, that learners have the approval and support of their line manager before proceeding.

The Essential CAMHS training resource consists of five modules:

The resource consists of five modules which should allow any member of staff, who is new to child and adolescent work, to make sense of the experience of working with children, young people and families.

  • Module 1 Child and Adolescent Development and the Development of the Family
  • Module 2 Engaging with Children and young People
  • Module 3 Mental Health of Children and Young People
  • Module 4 Assessment and Formulation
  • Module 5 Therapeutic Interventions

Essential CAMHS also provide an Evidence portfolio in which you can record your progress and learning.

For further information please contact your CAMHS Learning Co-ordinator.

If you have spoken to your CLC and are interested in using the Essential CAMHS resource, please apply for a username and password using the link below (line manager's agreement is required).

Essential CAMHS Registration Form

If you have already applied and have your username and password, you can access the resource by clicking here or on the image below.

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