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Information for Trainee Applicants

Welcome to the Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme (PRPS) 2019/20

Candidates who are interested in applying for a place on the PRPS for the 2019-20 training year, are advised to refer to the information below on a regular basis throughout the recruitment period.

Helpful information including key recruitment dates, a link to the online recruitment system, the Person Specification and information booklets to guide applicants through the process, will be posted in this section throughout the year. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with this information in order to fully prepare for the recruitment process and make the most of this opportunity.

As a prospective applicant, you are advised to refer to the recruitment timetable (below) and we advise you to add these key dates to your diary.  





Visitation and placements with Training Providers*


Applicants to check emails regularly for updates and information requests from NES Pharmacy Recruitment Team

12 Mar 18

Online recruitment system available for prospective applicants to create an account

12 Mar 18

Training Provider Information Statements published via online recruitment system – candidates should begin making contact with prospective Training Providers

** Not all Information Statements may be currently available so please check back for updates **

1 May 18

Application form opens via online recruitment system, refer to Applicant  Guidance and Person Specification

31 May 18 @ 12 midday

Deadline for submitting application form

27 Jul 18

Training Provider deadline to submit list of preferred candidates.* Candidates who do not appear on a list by this deadline cannot be invited to the Assessment Centre

6 Aug 18

-   Short-listing results released

-   Invites to Assessment Centre released – 48 hour response deadline

-   Candidate Preference List available in recruitment system

6 - 13 Aug 18

Invites to Assessment Centre released in waves, according to short-listing score order & inclusion on preference list, until deadline of 14 Aug
48 hour response deadline


Candidates to prepare for Assessment Centre – refer to Assessment Centre Guidance and Person Specification

20 Aug 18

Training Provider deadline to submit ranked-order list of preferred candidates*

4 Sept, 5 Sept and 6 Sept 18

PRPS Assessment Centre, Location TBC

7 Sept 18 @ 12 midday

Applicant deadline for submitting Candidate Preference List via online recruitment system

17 Sept 18

Round One Matching results released. 48 hour response deadline on any offer made

17 Sept – 26 Sept 18

Subsequent waves of offers released. 48 hour response deadline on any offer made

28 Sept 18

Deadline for acceptance or rejection of final offers

4 Oct 18

Confirmation of offers issued to candidates

15 Oct 18

Training Providers notified of successful matches

Oct 18

PROVISIONAL: Round Two. Event will only take place if there are training places remaining

End Nov 18

All places in PRPS filled

w/c 29 July 19

PRPS posts commence

*As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring you are on Training Provider preference lists prior to the deadline. The best way to do this is to arrange visitations and work placements.


 Below is a flowchart of the PRPS Recruitment Process 

2017 PRPS - Flowchart - Website

Applicant Guidance 

The PRPS Information Booklet for Prospective Trainees (2018) contains information for the prospective 2019/20 training cohort regarding how the scheme is structured and how the recruitment process operates. The document will be published at the end of April, prior to applications opening on 1 May 2018. The Job Description and Person Specification are also very important and provide specific details of the criteria that candidates are required to demonstrate throughout the recruitment process. All applicants are strongly advised to read these documents thoroughly: 

PRPS Information Booklet for Prospective Trainees 2018

PRPS Person Specification 2018 

PRPS Advert 2018

The PRPS Applicant Guide contains important information regarding the online application process. The document includes instructions on how to register online, tips for completing each section of the application form and also details of what constitutes a complete application. All applicants MUST read this document thoroughly prior to completing an application: 

PRPS Applicant Guide 2018   

Below you can access the NES PRPS Presentation which gives further detail regarding the recruitment process. Please note, the screenshots of the online recruitment system account are from previous application processes and as such are just a representation and may not be identical to this year.  

NES PRPS Presentation

Online Recruitment System

The online recruitment system will be used throughout the recruitment process for the following purposes:

  • Access Training Provider Information Statements [Activated 12 March 2018]
  • Complete a PRPS Application Form [Applications open on 1 May 2018]
  • Select a date and time for attending the Assessment Centre  [Upon successful invitation to attend the PRPS Assessment Centre]
  • Complete a Candidate Preference List  [Submitted by 12 midday on Friday 7 September 2018] 

Please click the following link to first create an online account. Once you have created an account, you can use the same link to log-in, as recruitment progresses:

Online Link

**The Online Recruitment System will open on 1 May 2018

Assessment Centre September 2018

The Assessment Centre Guidance 2018 contains important information regarding the structure and content of the Assessment Centre being held on Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 September 2018. All applicants attending the Assessment Centre MUST read this document carefully in order to prepare for the event.

Assessment Centre Guidance 2018  

Offer Process 2018

Offers shall be made in waves from 17 September 2018 until 28 September 2018. The Offer Process Guidance 2018 provides important information regarding the offer process, including the different options an applicant may choose in response to any offer made and the deadline by which they must respond to any offer made. All applicants MUST read this document carefully before responding to any offer made.

Offer Process Guidance 2018

Privacy and data protection

Full details of how NHS Education for Scotland manages personal data within PRPS recruitment can be found in the following Privacy Notice.

Contact Us

We encourage all prospective trainees, who are NOT UK citizens, to contact us at  This will allow us to advise you on the recruitment process on an individual basis. This includes those who are EEA nationals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Pharmacy Recruitment Team