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Adverse drug reactions

This resource  about Adverse Drug Reactions has been developed by NES and Yellow Card Centre Scotland (Centre for Adverse Reactions to Drugs Scotland).

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  • To access Module 1 Basic Principles of ADR  > Click here
  • To access Module 2 Categorisation > Click here
  • To access Module 3 Drug Allergy Classification > Click here
  • To access Module 4 Diagnosis, Interpretation & Management > Click here
  • To access Module 5 Avoiding Adverse Drug Reactions > Click here
  • To access Module 6 Pharmacovigilance > Click here
  • Complete the MCQs via Portal
  • To access Yellow Card Centre Scotland crib sheet to help you complete a Yellow Card > Click Here


Topics include :

• the basic principles of ADRs including the definition of ADRs and their incidence, their impact on public health and resulting cost implications and the significance of considering risk and benefit when using medicines

• the categorisation of ADRs considering both  the ABCDE classification and the DoTS system and the relative merits of each

• an explanation of the four broad classifications of  drug allergy, its prevalence and the main risk factors involved

• the diagnosis of ADRs giving consideration to the time course of the reaction with respect to dosage changes and the different management strategies for type A and Type B ADRs

• how an understanding of the patient and drug related risk factors for ADRs can help in the development of strategies to avoid their occurrence

• the different pharmacovigilance systems available, the importance of the Yellow Card scheme in detecting ADRs and pointers to when and how to submit a Yellow Card and what should be included in the submission

To access the objectives for the resource >Click here

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