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Importance of submitting an SEA

Significant Event Analysis is important because:

  • Reflecting on an event that has been significant to you,will fulfill some of your CPD requirements
  • Completing the proforma to submit an SEA will enable you to reflect on the event and gain an understanding into the reasons as to why the event happened
  • Analysis of the event will enable you to consider the impact that the event had on all who were involved
  • Analysis of an event will help you manage risks
  • Analysing the event  will enable you to identify and prioritise your own individual learning needs as well as those of other members of the healthcare team from the event
  • Analysis of the event will enable you to decide whether others should be involved in any communication about the event, the outcomes and any changes that may be required in future
  • As part of the analysis you will develop and prioritise any changes that may be required to help prevent the event happening again and potentially improve patient care.