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Teach and Treat Clinics

NES has established regional teach and treat clinics to provide support.

Teach and Treat Clinics give community Optometrists the opportunity to manage and treat patients under the close personal supervision of an Ophthalmologist whilst at the same time providing first class patient care for patients presenting with acute eye problems. 

The training is designed to increase the Optometrist's exposure to acute conditions and work through the differential diagnosis to a management plan agreed with the Ophthalmologist. 

We have a dedicated page in Turas Learn, where you will find more information (eg consultant CVs, clinic essential information). 

Select your closest Teach and Treat clinic from the table below: Image Map North Region East Region South East Region West Region


RegionTraining Unit

South East 

Edinburgh, Lothian Optometry Teach and Treat Clinic (LOTT)


Glasgow, West of Scotland Teach and Treat Clinic (WOScOTT)


Aberdeen & Elgin, Grampian Optometry Teach and Treat Clinics