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Nursing and Midwifery

Care Home Education Facilitators (CHEFs)

The purpose of the Care Home Education Facilitator (CHEF) role is to work with mentors, practice supervisors and practice assessors in care homes, primarily for older people, to enhance the learning experience of student nurses on practice placements. This is achieved by CHEFs providing support to mentors through education and development activities and contributing to the development of the care setting as a positive learning environment which promotes a values based, person centred approach to care and learning.

There are currently 11 (wte) CHEFs in post across Scotland and contact details can be found in the CHEF highlights section below

The CHEF role in care homes has the potential to enhance cross sector working complementing the Practice Education Network infrastructure within the territorial health boards across NHS Scotland

The principle aims of the role are to:

* Enhance the quality of the care home learning environment by supporting the education and development needs of staff to effectively support students within this setting.

* Contribute to quality of care provided for older people in care homes through sign posting practice learning opportunities for nurses and support staff.

* Support the development of both new and experienced mentors, practice supervisors, practice assessors and those in wider practice education support roles.

* Contribute to collaborative working between the Care Homes, the NHS and Education Institutions.

* Maximise the contribution that care homes make to the development of the future nursing workforce across sectors.

Alongside these core CHEF aims, each year three national priorities are developed and agreed by NES, NHS Boards Practice Education  Leads and Higher Education Institutions colleagues to enable a flexible and cohesive response to regulatory and policy drivers. 

The three national priorities for 2019-2020 are:

  • Priority 1:  Enhance engagement with and political awareness of nursing and midwifery professional practice and regulatory changes
  • Priority 2:  Extend the breadth of practice learning experiences into contemporary health and care environments
  • Priority 3:  Enhance and sustain the quality of the practice learning environment

CHEF Highlights 2019 -20

Please click on the board area to see some highlights from the work carried out by CHEFs.

Practice Highlights West Region

Practice Highlights South East Region

Practice Highlights North Region


PEF and CHEF Annual Reports 

The 2019-2020 PEF/CHEF annual report is currently being developed and will be posted here when available.

Please go to Publications and Resources page to view aged reports from 2010.