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Frequently Answered Questions regarding the One Year Job Guarantee (OYJG) Scheme

If newly registered nurses and midwives have managed to get some limited part-time work since applying for the OYJG, are they still eligible? 

  • The OYJG scheme has been established to support those who have been unable to gain employment, but we will seek to provide a proportionate offer based on an average of the number of hours worked.

Will a newly registered nurse or midwife who is registered with NMC, but is currently studying full-time at Honours or Masters level and is in receipt of NMS Bursary be eligible to apply for the OYJG?

  • Yes only if the honours/masters full-time study is completed no more than three months from the closing date of the application cycle.

  • An applicant cannot be in receipt of an NHS Bursary and a salary at the same time.

Must newly registered nurses and midwives join the OYJG and can they leave the scheme?

  • The scheme is not compulsory and newly registered nurses and midwives are still encouraged to seek employment through their own means. If you find a post through normal recruitment process or if you choose not to work in Scotland following registration, then there is no need to apply to join.
  • However, if an offer of a position is made and then declined by the applicant, then the OYJG offer will be seen to have been completed.
  • If an applicant subsequently finds alternative employment then they may leave the scheme at any time, but the OYJG offer will be seen to have been completed and no future offers will be made under the scheme.

Is the OYJG scheme the only available opportunity for newly registered nurses and midwives?

  • No, NHS Boards continue to advertise vacancies as they arise, including on Scotland's Health on the Web at   and a number of newly registered Nurses and Midwives have obtained posts in this way.
  • Employment opportunities may also be available in non-NHS organisations e.g Care Homes

Why have such a scheme for newly registered nurses and midwives only?

  • The Scottish Government remains committed to maintaining a highly skilled, motivated and compassionate nursing and midwifery workforce. The national OYJG scheme for newly qualified nurses and midwives was originally launched in 2002, specifically for nurses and midwives, as a way of maximising employment opportunities for those who had completed a commissioned pre-registration training programme. The Scottish Government has retained its commitment to balancing support for newly registered nurses and midwives with enhanced and more controlled selection of high quality students to pre-registration programmes ensuring that we encourage, support and sustain the flow of the right people, with the right skills, and in the right numbers, into these professions and subsequently into employment.  

How will applicants be asked to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable stepst to secure a permanent post?

  • NES will require applicants to be able to provide evidence of three applications which will include Care Homes for Nursing applicants.   This may include correspondence with prospective employers or other records of communication regarding employment opportunities. 

Will employers use OYJG applicants as 'cheap labour' whilst reducing other 'real' jobs?

  • The Primary focus of the OYJG scheme is to provide opportunities for newly registered nurses and midwives who are unable to gain substantive employment through their own efforts, to consolidate their skills.
  • NHS Boards and other employers are expected to take appropriate steps to advertise and fill suitable vacancies as they arise.

What happens to applicants after they complete the scheme?

  • Employers do not prioritise employment of those who have completed the OYJG as this would be against employment legislation/partnership agreements. However, by identifying the skills and experience gained during this period and linking this development to Flying Start NHS ® and the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) OYJG completers can create a structured portfolio which should increase their likelihood of employment.

What about supervision and support arrangements?

  • applicants  will not be trainees, but will be fully registered nurses and midwives with the same standards, skills and competencies as other newly registered staff. The scheme is not about remediation, but is a mechanism to support staff to maintain, use and build upon the skills they already have.
  • As for all newly registered employees, there will be supervision and support requirements for applicants, both in practice and at any educational interface. 
  • Applicants will be required to register on Flying Start NHS®, and (proportionate to the duration of their OYJG offer) complete the associated programme of development.   

If a Return to Practice Programme has recently been completed can the nurse or midwife apply for OYJG?

  • No, the OYJG scheme is only open to those who have recently completed their initial pre-registration programme, not those who are returning to registered practice after a period away.