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Healthcare Science

Quality assurance of Scottish HCS training

NES Healthcare Science is developing basic deanery-like oversight to monitor and quality manage training. Our role is in partnership with the Academy for Healthcare Science and with the National School for Healthcare Science.

Updated 26-06-18  

Oversight of trainees, trainers and workplaces is an important new role for NES Healthcare Science. Standards of Education and Training for STP Clinical Scientist trainees require we satisfy the Academy of Healthcare Science that admissions and practice placement of trainees in Scotland are secure. We must also assure the National School for Healthcare Science  that our work-base training environments are monitored and approved. 

Combined, our role with that of AHCS and NSHCS is designed to assure that STP training in Scotland is subject to an equivalent quality framework to elsewhere in the UK.

Our approach, as a matter of good practice, is to extend this oversight to all HCS training. For STP training, the principles below are mandatory. For other postgraduate-level trainees and practitioner grades, the principles are good-practice. 

Quality Management of postgraduate training Details