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Healthcare Science

Healthcare Science Notice Board <9> Feb 2015

Edition 9 of Healthcare Science Notice Board gives a summary of developments covering NES infrastructure, the move towards a deanery-like function for healthcare science in Scotland, our work with the Academy for Healthcare Science, Scottish Government appointments. This bulletin is structured both as a webpage on the NES HCS website and as a PDF.


Edition 9 of Healthcare Science Notice Board gives a summary of developments covering NES infrastructure, the move towards a deanery-like function for healthcare science in Scotland, our work with the Academy for Healthcare Science, Scottish Government appointments. This bulletin is structured both as a webpage on the NES HCS website and as a PDF.


NES infrastructure  - appointing new Specialty Leads

Sessional appointments to support NES Healthcare Science have been supported by Scottish Government to take forward quality assurance of healthcare science work-based training, and give wider speciality support to our programmes. Seven posts will provide support to one or a combination of the Healthcare Science postgraduate 'themes'. The themes are: Blood science; Infection science; Cell science; Genetics; Medical Physics; Clinical Engineering; Cardiac, Vascular, Respiratory and Sleep Science; Neurosensory Science; Gastrointestinal and Urodynamic Science; Bioinformatics. Although our priority is recruiting to those areas where we are now training STP Clinical Scientists to satisfy statutory regulation Standards of Education and Training, we plan a more inclusive application of these standards to the HCS community.


This is a major expansion of NES Healthcare Science activity - essential to future developments. Information about the appointments is at  CLOSES 11th March 2015 at 23:59pm




Deanery-like function: Quality assurance of HCS practice placement.

The modernisation of Healthcare Science has heralded new UK training curricula, particularly a 3-year pre-reg clinical scientist (STP Scientist Training Programme) and a 5-year programme for Higher Specialist Clinical Scientist (HSST), which leads to Medical Royal College Fellowship. NES HCS has been instrumental in forging an equivalence pathway as alternatives to these curricula where sensible for us to do so.  Key is that STP makes new requirements now of NES as overseer of Scottish postgraduate scientist training where we must demonstrate compliance with the regulator's (HCPC) Standards of Education and Training.


NES Healthcare Science has been in close dialogue with HEE’s National School for Healthcare Science and the Academy for Healthcare Science, which is HCPC’s ‘education provider’ for STP training. The intention is for NES Healthcare Science to quality assure Scottish STP Admissions and Practice Placement. By extension we intend to apply this to our wider postgraduate scientist community where there is NES support for trainees. A ‘right-touch’ approach is in development including basic Admission Principles, Practice Placement Principles, Placement Self-assessment and a Special Measures guide to cover: trainees-in-difficulty, supervisors and departments. These will be published on:


HCS communities on the NES Knowledge network

We have established communities of practice to underpin Healthcare Science in Scotland. The sites are publicly available, but require an Athens login to join / contribute to them. The sites are:


HCS Trainees covering the experience of trainees, events and self-organised initiatives. It will also host our standards for practice placement.


HCS Leads covering leads meeting, National Delivery Plan developments and local developments.


HCS courses support covering NES face-to-face courses, and specific class / cohort initiatives and class work


National HCS Event June 19th 2015.

Hold-the-date. Further information about the annual event’s content will be made available in the new year. Planning for this will be lead by NHS Board HCS Leads. Venue: COSLA, Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh.

Contact  Grampian HCS Lead.


Healthcare Science Postgraduate Scientist development.

Postgraduate Scientist 2015 Awards.

Applications are invited from Healthcare Science staff who wishes to undertake post-registration/ postgraduate development. The purpose of these awards is to facilitate shared development between groups and specialties within healthcare science, and to encourage the preparation of scientific staff for future wider service leadership roles. Key to this is the NES Common Core List, which itemises attributes of senior HCS staff, and where self-directed development by scientist trainees is expected. The awards are open to HCS staff from the life sciences, clinical physiology or the physical sciences, who are: HCS Practitioner-level staff and seeking post-registration / postgraduate

Development, or those substantively employed and working towards Clinical Scientist registration via ‘ACS Route 2’ or AHCS ‘Equivalence’. Closes 22nd April 2015



2015 Support for STP (Clinical Scientist) equivalence applications.

In 2014 we started two cohorts postgraduate-level staff seeking STP equivalence recognition of their experience and training via the Academy for Healthcare Science. 7 have completed the process successfully, with others in progress. We intend to offer similar support in 2015. Expressions of interest are now sought. Contact


Clinical Physiology Practitioner Training Update.

Clinical Physiologist Practitioner 2015. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST

Support is offered to service during 2015-16 specifically for their new NHS-employed practitioner trainees who join the first year of pre-registration training either as a Hearing Aid Dispenser (at QMU) or as a Clinical Physiologist (at GCU). It is anticipated that the GCU clinical BSc programme will accept trainees for the following disciplines: Cardiac Physiology, Respiratory Physiology, Neurophysiology, Audiology. The rationale for the support is to ensure pre-registration undergraduate trainees join the Scottish programme. A categorical assurance that the trainee will join the Sept 2015 intake for year 1 is required. The GCU programme is unlikely to recruit in 2016, so strong encouragement is given to secure now the 2015 cohort. Deadline extended to 27th March 2015



NES HCS Courses.

Planning is underway for our short course offer specifically for healthcare science.  In 2015, this will include the Early Career / Refreshing Leadership four day courses, and Train-the-Trainer / Trainees-in-Difficulty one-day courses. The latter is a new course designed to back out approach to Practice Placement monitoring. Contact if you would like a programme to run in your area.


Academy for Healthcare Science

AHCS Vox Newsletter

The Academy for Healthcare Science newsletter, Jan 2015, references STP equivalence and its Practitioner Register. AHCS Vox at


AHCS Practitioner Register – accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA)

The Academy has opened its accredited Register for Practitioner-lever HCS staff.  PSA recognition reflects robust standards to assure patient safety comparable to the statutory regulator standards. AHCS is clear that its PSA accreditation in no way diminishes the case for future statutory regulation of this component of healthcare science. Information on the AHCS Register is at


NES pilot support – Practitioner equivalence

NES is interested in sponsoring Practitioner-level Clinical Technologists and Clinical Physiologists in Scotland who wish to join the AHCS Register via its ‘equivalence’ pathway. This is part of our strategy of reinforcing the equivalence approach in partnership with the Academy. Contact


Scottish Government

Karen Stewart has been appointed Healthcare Science Officer, seconded to the Scottish Government, working with Jacqui Lunday Johnstone, Chief Health Professions Officer. Karen’s email is


Supporting Karen, the team at Scottish Government now includes a lead for each HCS division: Adrian Carragher – clinical physiology; Mike Dolan – physical sciences; Mike Gray – life sciences.


As at Feb 2015.

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