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Healthcare Science

Healthcare Science Notice Board <18>

This edition includes a note about support for intake 2019 clinical physiology practitioners; general progress with our quality monitoring work; some messages from our trainee and supervisor survey 2018; highlights from our joint Academy / NES Study Day in Glasgow; revisions to our face-to-face offer; progress with our e-learning ambitions on TURAS Learn; and, a forward look to 2019.




NES support for clinical physiologist practitioner intake 2019


As in previous years, NES Healthcare Science anticipates making available a contribution to year 1 costs towards a new clinical physiology practitioner trainee attending Scottish programmes. The next intake that will be supported commences September 2019, with an anticipated one-off contribution of £6000 in financial year 2019-20. Service is strongly encouraged to explore running a trainee for 2019 Expressions of interest  Details at:



Annual review of Progression monitoring (ARCP)

NES Healthcare Science Principal Leads have contacted National Training Number holders regarding Annual Review of Progression monitoring. In 2017 we achieved an 80% response rate to the requests. ARCP is an important part of our assurance role and for 2018 has been extended beyond postgraduate scientists to include practitioner-level trainees such as clinical physiologist and clinical technologist pre-registrants. ARCP outcomes are recorded on the TURAS Training Programme Management system. At the time of writing approximately 50% of 2018 requests had been responded to. Of 120 eligible trainees we have received 6 actionable concerns and followed through with some form of engagement with the training department to try and resolve the issue. Our assurance role is intended to detect these situations and promote remediation. ARCP information and our Special Measures guide are contained at 


Training Plan audit

Following our 2018 Postgraduate’s event in February 2018, NES Healthcare Science Principal Leads have developed a basic training plan template that has been extended to 147 eligible National Training Number holders. Over the Summer we began inviting trainees to declare the basic structure and timings of their training pathway; at the time of writing 55% of plans have been submitted.  These light-touch templates have been found by respondents to be helpful in focusing trainees and supervisors on detailed training needs and can be used as a point of reference for Annual Review of Progression. Training Plan template information is contained at



2018 Annual Survey(s) trainees and trainers

Our survey of trainees and supervisors was completed in the Autumn of 2018. A key highlight from our trainee survey has been the jump in positive responses to two standard questions: do you have enough supervision? yes - 67% (2018) vs only 29% (2017); and, would you recommend your training? Yes – 61% (2018) vs 40% (2017). We attribute this improvement in part to the work of our Principal Leads in promoting ARCP and training planning.  Summaries of the two 2018 reports are at



Report: AHCS Annual Study Day, Nov 2018 - Glasgow

On 9th November 2018 around 85 participants gathered at the Studio, Glasgow for the NES/Academy for Healthcare Science Study Day.  The Day explored the Academy’s one voice function in Scotland with the Scottish Forum for Healthcare Science, and to refresh understanding of the Academy’s equivalence processes for applicants and assessors.


The day began with a presentation from Susan Kelso, Scottish Government AHP colleague, who discussed the AHP lessons learnt in building an identity for that group. Brendan Cooper AHCS President discussed the one voice function. Workshops followed on trainee experience, portfolio preparation, assessor training, and the Scottish Forum links with AHCS. In the closing talk, Rob Farley (NES) described how AHCS had challenged training monitoring in Scotland and led to system-wide development of our assurance approach. For the training and assurance aspects of the day, the code underpinning Healthcare Science - Good Scientific Practice - was emphasised.


A record of the event is at



NTNs and Practitioners

Clinical physiologists, clinical technologists and other healthcare science practitioner-level staff in training can now receive National Training Numbers and are included in our quality monitoring process. If you are supporting such trainees, then please do contact us at



Revised Train–the-Trainer and Trainees-in-Difficulty

Our Train-the-Trainer and Trainees-in-Difficulty one-day courses have been revised to better reflect our involvement in the monitoring of training. Our trainees-in-difficulty day focuses on the typical causes and steps to remediation. Participants are introduced to our Special Measures guide. Booking for these courses is on NES Portal  Please contact us if your local cohort (12+) would like one of these courses delivered and we will try to help.



Leadership and management

In partnership with colleagues in the NES Leadership and Learning team, we are undertaking a review of both our Early Careers and Refreshing Leadership development courses.  The review will seek to ensure that we can maintain a high impact, high quality offer that meets the needs of healthcare scientists and reflects the current leadership and management development strategy for health and social care.  This places an emphasis on learning at three key levels: self, in teams and at a strategic level, and recognises the importance of learning in a live environment as well as in formal settings. Booking for these courses is on NES Portal  Please contact us if your local cohort (12+) would like one of these courses delivered and we will try to help.



TURAS Learn: e-learning

TURAS Learn:  is a multi-profession repository for learning material. At present there is no Healthcare Science specific content posted on it, but there is an abundance of generic material. TURAS is available to all NHS staff.


We are in the process of establishing a Healthcare Science site on TURAS Learn and will alert colleagues on our mailing list when this is ready. In readiness, Healthcare Science staff can register now on TURAS Learn using Healthcare Science as their workforce role descriptor, with further sub-roles (such as Labs, Physical Sciences, Clinical Physiology).


We have piloted some basic e-learning resources; these will appear on the site shortly. At this stage, we would be interested in hearing from HCS colleagues who have learning materials – perhaps in the form of a PowerPoint slide show – that they believe may have wider appeal. The team at NES intends to explore converting such material into e-learning content. Whilst we are considering the governance and processes to support this, we need some basic demonstrator content. Contact us at


Of note is a new learning resource on the QI Zone of TURAS Learn: Measurement for Improvement



Other CPD

Our Common Core List (CCL) is a set of attributes that early career scientific staff should strive to develop in whatever specialty they are working. Postgraduate applicants for NES bursary support will be familiar with the Common Core as it is the basis of support we give. The List maps onto the Academy for Healthcare Science Good Scientific Practice (GSP). To assist trainees, we have compiled a short document signposting CPD opportunities aligned with GSP and the CCL. This signposting will be reviewed from time-to-time; we welcome ideas for additional content to the document



2019 Advancing Healthcare Awards – closes 14th Jan 2019

The 2019 Advancing Healthcare Awards are now open for bids, with a closing date for entries set at 14th January 2019.  Four specific Healthcare Science team prize categories are available. An entry is a great opportunity to showcase your team’s work, develop your CV and highlight the role of the scientific workforce to the wider health community. Entry details are at:



NES Healthcare Science Team as at November2018

The NES Healthcare Science Team has been reconfigured to lead specific areas of our activity. Much of the work relates to our quality monitoring and CPD role. Our core team is

Dr Robert Farley - Healthcare Science Programme Director

Simon Petrie  Business support 

Charlie Brownlee - Management Accountant

Leanne Neil - Finance analyst

Vacant Principal Lead

Andrew Davie  Principal Lead

Claire Cameron Principal Lead

Dr Lorna Crawford Principal Lead


and key NES leadership training staff as at Autumn 2018: Eleanor Humphreys, Elaine Lawther



Forward Look: Trainees event 1st Feb 2019, Edinburgh, COSLA

Our next postgraduate scientist trainee/supervisor event is now recast as a trainees’ and supervisors’ event to reflect the community of practitioner-level trainees that we are now monitoring, and in some cases supporting. The purpose of the event is to highlight good practice in supporting work-based healthcare science trainees, and to explore opportunities for the development of online CPD in partnership with healthcare scientist colleagues using our TURAS Learn platform.


Registration for the event is now open:



Forward Look: National event 19th / 20th June 2019, Glasgow, The Studio.

Hold the date: The 2019 Healthcare Science event will take place on 19th and 20th June at the Studio, Glasgow. It is anticipated that the first day will focus on healthcare science policy, improvement and topical developments, followed by the second that will be on the shared services agenda. Healthcare Science national and Board Leads will be considering the programme for the first day shortly; ideas for a theme or content are welcome. Please contact at  Further information will be posted in the New Year.



Join our mailing list

Following the GDPR implementation, we would encourage recent trainees and NHS recruits in healthcare science to join our Mail Chimp mailing list. Please email  to be included or for comments on what you have read here. Our list is used occasionally for NES Healthcare Science alerts like this HCS Noticeboard; it is not shared with third parties.