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Healthcare Science

Healthcare Science Notice Board <16>

In this edition we outline arrangements for PG bursary support in 2018; a forward look to expressions of interest in clinical scientist training for 2019; the Principal Leads team at NES; our experience with Annual Review of Competency Progression in 2017 and the timing of the 2018 cycle; multi-source feedback for healthcare science in Scotland and the TURAS system for tracking training. We plan an extension of national training numbering to Practitioners and self-assessment of centres offering Practitioner-level training. We also reference the 2018 HCS national event (at Murrayfield) and “AHCS study Day (North)”, in Glasgow

Postgraduate Scientists support 2018

Applications for a NES contribution toward in-service postgraduate scientist training are now invited. Details of the process are at the support is predicated on the applicant demonstrating a training plan that begins to address the Common Core List.  Closes 27th April 2018.  Applicants need to be employed by, or linked to, a recognised postgraduate training centre is one that has successfully completed our self-assessment. Successful applicants will be issued with a National Training Number and, along with supervisors, will be included in our TURAS trainee management online system.

Potential applicants who are not linked to a recognised training centre should contact the relevant NES Specialty Lead or – HCS Programme Director.


Quality management of training centres

Our monitoring of postgraduate training consists of tracking both the individual trainees and the training centre hosting that training. A range of information about this is available at:

This monitoring programme is core to our backing of postgraduate scientist training for all groups in Healthcare Science; it demonstrates the security of postgraduate training ultimately to standards recognised by the Regulator. The support of participating departments and clinical staff is acknowledged.

In common with other clinical trainees, we have adopted the TURAS training programme management system as an extension of our national training number. TURAS logs the individual trainee, identifies their training programme, their progression, their training centre(s) and supervisors.


In 2018 we intend extending the quality monitoring regime to include Practitioner-level trainees, principally NHS-employed clinical technologist and clinical physiologist trainees. We do not anticipate applying this monitoring to placement students off undergraduate programmes such as Biomedical Science as the host university is already managing this aspect of quality assurance.


Progression checks– postgraduate trainees

In 2017 we introduced a standardised and light-touch check on the progression for postgraduates in training beyond their first year. This check is the Annual review of Competences Progression (ARCP). Whilst all NHS staff receive a personal development review, the ARCP is specific to the postgraduate training and the achievement of training objectives outlined in the initial training plan. Of around 100 requests to eligible trainees, we received a return of 80%. There was variation in the approach to ARCP, with some “ticking the boxes” through to those who conducted ARCPs via an interview panel. We intend exploring further what is a sensible and credible approach to ARCP, mindful of cost



Principal Lead Team - Changes

Melissa Leitch and Andrew Davie joined NES Healthcare Science in April 2017, have led on outstanding self-assessment and the progression check phase of our monitoring work. They will lead on Scientist training monitoring and refining our CPD offer.


Further changes to the team are being explored to extend quality monitoring of Practitioner-level training (principally Clinical Technologists and Clinical Physiologist) and further training centre accreditation.



Postgraduates event – Feb 2018 - ACTIONS

In early February we ran our sixth postgraduate scientist trainees event at COSLA. The event touched on NES’s role in quality assuring training STEM and virtual reality in patient engagement. The workshops explored – training planning: resulting in a training plan template; a discussion on extending our CPD offer;  some further thoughts on the ARCP process and outputs from the 2017 trainee survey; and the experience of colleagues engaged in research after postgraduate training.

The basic training plan template (Doc25) has been developed following our event: It has been circulated to a selection of existing postgraduates as a pilot. Our intent is that prospective training departments/schemes/bursary applicants can use it to populate TURAS training time-line


Generic CPD 2017-18

A range of face to face course from NES and for Healthcare Science will be available on NES Portal    Courses include Early Career leadership, Train the Trainer, and Trainees-in-Difficulty programmes and are around Scotland. These will recommence in Autumn 2018.  Please get in contact if you have a group in your Board interested in a programme:

TURAS Learn is a component of the TURAS system we use for tracking postgraduate trainees. Turas Learn is a personal “portfolio” tool and offers multi-disciplinary on-line learning that is being continuously developed by NES. A wide range of e-learning resources are available now for example: Quality Improvement, Leadership, HAI.

TURAS Appraisal. The e-ksf system will be discontinued with effect from 31st March 2018. Monday 2nd April 2018 and will be available to all staff from that date. A communication pack has been sent by NES to HR Directors, OD Leads and KSF Leads for issue in the Boards TURAS TPM (Training Programme Management) This is what we use for postgrads. Will be extended to Practitioner NHS trainees. We will be introducing a healthcare Science Multi-Source Feedback tool that will also be managed / logged on TURAS Portolio


Equivalence support discontinued 2018

NHS Education for Scotland has now discontinued support for applications for equivalence. This programme was very much a pilot both for PTP, STP and HSST equivalence. Around 35 individuals in Scotland received support to go through the process.

The Academy for Healthcare Science has moved to an approach that uses video-vivas for candidates undergoing STP equivalence. For candidates in Scotland, these vivas are offered at NES offices at Westport at as an assessment hub, with candidates attending in Edinburgh. This move is designed to minimise costs and speed the process.

AHCS Equivalence Assessors are also sought, details at:

Colleagues are encouraged to act as assessors inorder to widen the Scottish pool of available for the equivalence process.

The Association of Clinical Scientists  and The Institute of Biomedical Science  also offer pathways to clinical scientist registration.


Healthcare Science Annual event – June 2018

Planning is now underway this year’s national event… celebrating 70 NHS years. Further information will be made available soon. Please contact us at with your ideas for content.

AHCS Study Day (North)  in Glasgow  9th November 2018. Details to follow.


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