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Healthcare Science

Leadership and early career work

Leadership development of healthcare science staff is an important component of professional development. Wherever possible we have utilised generic training materials developed for other NHS professions by NES.

Updated 22-03-19

Foundation in Leadership (previously Early Career): junior staff just starting out.

Our Foundation in Leadership programme introduces leadership and management issues and is intended to foster a 'future leaders' mindset.  Delivered as part of a cohort, it involves four one-day sessions over several months.

Foundation in Leadership staff are: registered Practitioner-level staff with up to a maximum of 3 years post registration experience; Clinical Scientist trainees at year 3 or 4 or those registered and at very early post registration; and those HCS staff supported by NES via the Postgraduate Scientist Common Core List awards

Foundation in Leadership  2018/2019 Dates
Dundee Module 1 - 9th April 2019
  Module 2 - 15th May 2019
  Module 3 - 12th June 2019
  Module 4 - 3rd July 2019
Edinburgh Module 1 - 1st April 2019
  Module 2 - 23rd April 2019
  Module 3 - 20th May 2019
  Module 4 - 10th June 2019
Glasgow Module 1 - 3rd April 2019
  Module 2 - 7th May 2019
  Module 3 - 27th May 2019
  Module 4 - 1st July 2019

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Refreshing Leadership leadership: more senior HCS staff.

Refreshing Leadership is for colleagues who are beyond the HCS Early Career stage and perhaps beginning to acquire some managerial responsibilities, are involved in local HCS committees, or participate in other NHS Board groups. Refreshing Leadership articulates with Early Career.  A key purpose behind the programme is to foster some self-development through action learning and to 'take the lead' in running the final Open Session

Refreshing Leadership 
2018/2019 Dates
 2019 series completed  

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Further Leadership, mentoring and managment programme opportunities are available at the NES Knowledge Network Leadership Portal  and at TURAS LEARN