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Healthcare Science

Healthcare Science postgraduate trainees - Common Core List

Our postgraduate scientist trainee cohort includes Pre-registration Clinical Scientists and Practitioner-level (graduate) staff undertaking advanced-practice scientist development. For Practitioners, we competitively select around 30 in-service Practitioner staff for NES awards annually to ensure that NHS Scotland has a pathway for able HCS Practitioners to progress to advanced scientific practice. Our postgraduate scientists cohort have a National Training Number and develop attributes on our Common Core List. All postgraduate scientist trainees are subject to Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) monitoring.

 Status as at 26-6-18

Postgraduate Scientist Training Awards 2018    

2018 support FULL INFORMATION AT Postgrads Knowledge Network  Closed 24th April 2018


Support for HCS Practitioners seeking STP Equivalence 

NOTE: NES support for equivalence applications will be discontinued at the end of March 2018

NES can advise/critique initial applications for equivalence recognition: details of our previous scheme includes an outline this non-financial element of our support -   here

Our Common Core List (CCL) identifies shared attributes for NHS scientists, across four domains: scientific practice; leadership and management; safety and improvement; the future. CCL does not specify  format, level or content of development within the domains. Instead, it challenges trainees to consider their wider development as a future scientist-leaders. Engagement with CCL is central for approval of NES postgraduate support.

Common Core List Pdf poster

Research: A range of short courses on aspects of research methods, data handling, statistics etc  from Clinical Research Training for Scotland 

HCPC: Applicants interested in using their postgtraduate development to apply for a Certificate of Equivalence via the Acdemy for Healthcare Science should also see our Clinical Scientists webpage  

Examples of Common Core list work, our annual postgraduate survey, obtaining a National Training Number and other nformation for postgraduate trainees and supervisors is available at our HCS Trainees community website