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START learning and Teaching in Dentistry

Welcome to the START pages. START learning and teaching in dentistry is a "train the trainers" style set of courses aimed at dental practitioners who are, or who anticipate being involved in teaching.


The course is delivered face to face via lecture, small group discussion and workshop based formats. START is facilitated primarily by Lynne Coia, Training and Research Officer for NHS Education for Scotland. In addition to Lynne there are visiting Trainers, Educational Supervisors and Advisers from dentistry present to share their own experiences of learning and teaching in practice.

START recognises that having an understanding of some educational theory can greatly enhance your teaching practice. We believe that the teaching of such educational theory should be woven into everyday dental examples which are authentic and relevant to the participants. All START participants are encouraged to share their experiences of learning and teaching with their peers and be active participants in the educational process.

Start encourages thinking. The group nature of the course leads to discussions both during and after the sessions which can help with all aspects of dentistry not just training. One of the most enjoyable courses I've ever participated in.

Craig Richardson GDP

START; underpinning principles

  1. Participants on START will be central to the educational process and encouraged to be active contributors.
  2. START recognises the importance of participants gaining an understanding of theory in order to inform sound teaching and learning strategies.
  3. Teaching material will be set within a dental context, authentic and relevant to the participants role
  4. The START learning environment will endeavour to be safe, interactive, supportive and inclusive. Every effort will be made to ensure the comfort of all participants

Request a course

In addition to this set of START courses, the START team are also happy to design and deliver a range of bespoke courses to meet your educational requirements. For example;

  • Assessing performance and providing quality feedback
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Designing and delivering educational activities
  • Small group teaching
  • Presentation skills

If you would like us to design and deliver a course for you, please get in touch with;

Trainer assessing his VDP