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Online VT Number Applications

All dentists applying for a Vocational Training Number under the following categories A - E must apply online through the eGP21C application form at the link below.

Application categories 

A - Completed Vocational/Foundation training

B - Member of the European Economic Area

C - Hold a Dental list number or performer number

D - Previously employed in the Public Dental Service or Armed Forces

E - Experience equivalent to Vocational/Foundation Training

Application Process

  • To apply for a VT Number please complete the application form(pdf). You will receive an acknowledgement from eForms when you have successfully submitted your application.

    Please note - this form is best completed in Internet Explorer, or by saving a copy to your computer and completing it from there.  Some other browsers can have problems submitting the form. 

  •  AT THE SAME TIME, The dentist must also submit an application form (GP21) to the relevant NHS Board for a Health Board list number. The Dental Vocational Training Secretariat (DVTS) will check that the Health Board has received the completed GP21 from the dentist. 
  • Category A - For dentists who have completed VT in Scotland there is no need to send in the completion certificate as the DVTS already holds this information. For those who have completed VT elsewhere in the UK the completion certificate must be submitted to
  • Category B - For EC Nationals please submit a certified translation of your original diploma to
  • Category C - You must enter your dental list/performer number and the name of the health board/primary care authority. 
  • Category D - Please submit a scanned copy of a letter from your employer confirming your experience to
  • Category E - Please submit a full application and include all documents specified in the guidance notes:
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application. 
  • Your application will be processed within 2 weeks and you will receive notification of your VT number by e-mail.  The Health Board will also receive notification of your VT number.

If you have any queries or require help with your on-line application please contact the Dental Vocational Training Secretariat at