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Undergraduate Training

NHS Education for Scotland fund undergraduate Hygiene -Therapy schools and provide continuing professional development for Hygienists and Hygiene - Therapists.



Dental Hygiene-Therapists are members of the dental team responsible for the prevention and treatment of oral disease. They are able to work in all branches of dentistry including General Practice, Hospital and Community Service.

The Role of the Dental Hygiene-Therapist

  • Provide oral health advice
  • Provide periodontal therapy
  • Apply antimicrobial agents
  • Administer local anaesthetic
  • Monitor oral disease
  • Screen for oral cancer
  • Place restorations in deciduous and permanent teeth
  • Undertake pulp treatment in decidious teeth
  • Place preformed crowns on deciduous teeth
  • Extract deciduous teeth
  • Take dental radiographs
  • Take dental impressions
  • Provide emergency replacement of crowns and bridges

The BSc inOral Health Science (Dental Hygiene-Therapy training) is currently available throughout Scotland . The BSc in Oral Health Sciences is available at Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow Caledonian Universities and jointly through NHS Education for Scotland and the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The entry requirements vary between educational establishments. the programmes now attract applicants from outwith the dental profession and a dental nursing qualification is not always taken in to consideration when applying.

Visit the websites of the educational establishments to view entry requirements or contact the Lead DCP Tutor at your regional postgraduate centre. Click here for  contact details.