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Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training Requirements

The NHS (General Dental Services) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2016, which came into effect on 1st April 2016,(Updated 26th October 2017) have introduced a requirement for mandatory training for those applying to join the dental list in Scotland for the first time and those who have had a period of absence from a list of twelve months or more. Dentists who are currently included on an equivalent list in England, Wales or Northern Ireland who apply to join a dental list in Scotland either as a contractor or assistant require to satisfactorily complete Part 2 of mandatory training only and the Test of Knowledge. All other candidates will have to complete Part 1 & 2 and Test of Knowledge.

NHS Education for Scotland have been asked by Scottish Government to set up this training, to assess those who attend and to issue certification to those who successfully complete it. This certification will be required by a territorial Health Board before they can issue a list number.

Any queries about the regulations and the requirement for mandatory training should be directed to the Health Board to which a list number application is being made.

What does mandatory training involve?

The mandatory training involves the attendance at a two part course, followed by an online assessment, called the Test of Knowledge. Applicants will have to attend an invigilated site to complete this online assessment and it must be completed within 6 weeks of completing the two part course.
Applicants to the dental list in Scotland who are currently working in an equivalent list in a primary care dental setting in the rest of the UK will have automatic exemption from the first part of mandatory training, but will be required to successfully complete the second part. The first part covers those matters of which it is expected that practitioners to have experience through working in the UK.

Please note that the two part course is divided into Part 1(4 sessions normally Wednesday and Thursday) Part 2 (3 sessions normally Thursday PM and all day Friday).

Candidates required to complete all parts must register for all three days.  Candidates requiring Part 2 ONLY should register for Thursday PM (Part 2 session) and Friday (Parts 1 & 2).

All applicants must complete a personal development plan. The document will be provided on registration for the course.

Training Programme (pdf)

Pre-course preparation

It will be essential to prepare for the course and the assessment and it would be useful for participants to have reviewed the following documentation in advance:

Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme guidance on:

• Acute Dental Problems

• Anticoagulants and Antiplatelets

• Caries in Children

• Decontamination

• Drug Prescribing

• Emergency Dental Care

• Oral Health Assessment

• Oral Health Management of Patients at Risk of Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

• Periodontal Care

• Practice Management

Statement of Renumeration:

Clinical Audit Activity:


Scottish Dental Website:

GDC Standards for the Dental Team:

Register a place

How to book a place on the Mandatory Training (Induction to Scottish Dentistry)

To register for a place, please go to the NES Portal and create an account.

Once you have created an account, go to ‘iBooklet’ and use the ‘Search for …Face to Face Training’ tool. Search for ‘Mandatory Training’ use ‘Book Now’ to complete your booking. You will need to book each part separately, as required. On completion of your bookings, your place will be confirmed and we will contact you to allow you to confirm your booking for your Test of Knowledge Assessment.


Each session will cost £150. The fee for the Test of Knowledge Assessment will be £100.

Test of Knowledge Assessment

Access to practice tests is available once you have paid for your test of knowledge assessment.  We recommend as much practice as possible in advance of the course. Please note that the course does not cover all content of the test of knowledge, additional resources are signposted in the practice test itself.

If you have recieved login details after purchasing access to the test of knowledge please check your spam folder.

You will not be able to complete the Test of Knowledge Assessment, under examination conditions, until you have completed parts 1 and 2 or part 2 of the mandatory training days.

Once these have been completed, candidates will then have 6 weeks in which to complete the online assessment at an invigilated centre.

Conditions of assessment

Test of Knowledge Guidelines (pdf)

List of Centres:

• Aberdeen Dental Education Centre

• Centre for Health Sciences, Inverness

• Dundee Dental Education Centre

• Edinburgh Dental Education Centre

• Glasgow Dental Education Centre

Dates of Invigilated Assessments

Once your application has been received the dates and centres will be emailed to you. You can then begin practicing Test of Knowledge ahead of your test. If you do not receive notification please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs can be found here

Future Mandatory Training Dates for 2018 - 2019

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Thursday 6th September 2018

Friday 7th September 2018

*September dates are available to book on Portal now*

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Thursday 15th November 2018

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Thursday 21st February 2019

Friday 22nd February 2019

Contact information

If you have any queries re Mandatory Training, please email: